EP 03 | EASTERN HOSPITALITY | Rainbow eyes in Berwick Nova Scotia

We came, we saw, we ate lobsters.

From left to right: Melissa Direnzo- Creative Director, Zachary Scholtz- Producer/AD, Shawn Lovering-Writer/Director/Cinetographer, Scarlet Oniell- Photographer, Autumn Hachey-Editor in Chief

The third episode in the Hello Sunshine web series is live today! Our team flew all the way to the small town of Berwick Nova Scotia to shoot with the colourful and carefree Virginia from Fynes Designs. Although we can’t necessarily pick favourites, I would have to say that this particular shoot was the most memorable of all the Hello shoots. Firstly, we were welcomed into Virginia’s hometown like old friends. Half of our team stayed with Virginia’s Mom on the lake, and the other half of us shacked up in the loft above Virginia’s restaurant, Union Street. Talk about East Coast Hospitality! Not only that, between shoots Virginia brought us for a road trip to her sisters’ place down the road, to see farm animals and play with puppies. From cracking open lobsters with our hands to bonding with Virginia and her family (Ruby and Levi too!).. It was definitely an experience our team will never forget.

Watch the third Epsiode in the Hello Sunshine Series here:

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See the Living Room Reveal Here: bit.ly/ColourfulandCarefree

See the Dining Room Reveal Here: http://bit.ly/VirginiasDiningRoom

A few more behind the scenes photos and candid moments from our trip below. Photography by Wild and Light.


Thanks for reading! Tune in next week as I meet up with HGTV Celebrity Designer Sabrina Smelko in our Sherway Accessory market. We also go behind the scenes at one of our local factories, and we meet up with Amy from Love on Sunday to hear more about her modern style. 

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