Making This Holy Home a Family Haven

My husband and I run at the speed of light most days. Life in the city is fast paced, and we love to work hard and play hard. When we thought about our dream home, we knew we wanted a place to escape, to be creative, wild and free, and a space to let our little girls watch a fire burn and get their feet dirty. So, tucked away on a quiet road, in a small village of 300 sits a turn of the century church and, well, we bought it!

One of the first things we did to our space was renovate the upstairs loft. Since it had built-in steps for seating, we took on the massive job of levelling it all out before laying down some beautiful hardwood floors. We also raised the gorgeous ornate railing to make it extra safe for the girls.  

After the renovation this room instantly became one of our favourite places in the church. The light from the stained glass window is incredible in the morning and we always seem to gravitate there as a family. We knew that turning the space into the living room would be perfect. I was especially eager to set up our Christmas tree and have our first holiday in the church. Lets just say Christmas with Peggy Lee started playing in September!

Being a bit of a furniture addict and a proud Canadian, I fell in love with The Nubia Sofa in stone. I love that this piece is made in Canada and I often find myself “just resting my eyes” on it. #momlife, right?

I did originally imagine this space as a bedroom, but I wanted it to be a place we could all enjoy and get cozy in.  So adding the Devina Daybed in white was a great way to make the best of both worlds. We basically melt into this dreamy daybed with all the pillows and blankets, and the Leon’s exclusive 845 coil count mattress is next level comfort. It’s the perfect spot to read, snuggle, and catch up on some quality zzz’s.

The original floors in the church on the main level are made of yellow pine so I couldn’t resist the Pinebrook coffee table and end table to match the original pine. These solid pine piece are stunning, add rustic vintage vibe and are easy to clean.

When it comes time to decorating for the holidays I might be a little out of control on Pinterest. Maybe. I need a solid vision so pinning is a great way to set a tone, and this year for me it was all rustic bohemian. Lots of whites, light earth tones, silvers and golds, lush green plants, wicker, warm lights, quartz, feathers and pom poms! Let the DIY madness begin!

All in all, we’ve definitely been blessed with the good life, we consider ourselves the lucky ones for sure. Most importantly we have each other. Family is what makes our holidays the best, all the rest is just comfy cozy icing.


Nubia Sofa Stone

Pinebrook Coffee Table

Pinebrook End Table

Simmons Beautyrest Ultra Firm Haley Mattress

Devina Twin Daybed White

Denver Table Lamp


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