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French style and Paris mood board

French style isn’t just Eiffel Towers and French words

A true Francophile knows that French style has many layers to it. It’s emotional, complex and lots of fun.

First, it can be a bit cliché, and that’s more than OK. So embrace the Eiffel Tower motifs and scripted French words. Then there is the renaissance appeal, with eye-catching features that suggest opulence and high-level taste, like rolled arm sofas, tufted chairs and vintage details. But real French style, as it is today, is about simplicity and an appreciation for quality design and timeless style.

And it is when you meld these levels together, you achieve a true French aesthetic.

Feeling oh-so French

For this Instagram mood board, that’s exactly what we did  – bring together all the French aesthetics for décor look that is complete. So, of course we have the throw pillows with the Parisian postcard script print, which pair perfectly with the rolled arm tufted Nubia sofa. And no French woman is without a red lippy, so we pulled out a lipstick red accent chair, which complements the sofa and – ooh-la-la – matches the red Metro sign. Architecture rules too, so we were taken by the Eiffel Tower-like base of the Jackson lamp. Inspiration was taken from the blue wainscotting details at Versailles – which is noticeable in the Chennai chest, with its blue framed drawers and side panels.

And the best part about French style is how livable it can be. Nothing is stain-calling white (although sipping white over red wine on the couch is recommended). Nor is it coarse or uncomfortable. You can imaging yourself sinking in to the room, putting your feet up. Plus, it is a touch indulgent with the above-basic details and femininity. A fresh vase of roses fits right in. French style is all about comfort and details you love. It’s a visual bisou. 

Get a glimpse of London and Canadian style getting married.

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