Instagram mood board: Feeling The Miami Heat

Miami insta mood board, featuring beachy blues, warm yellow and a soft grey

In the mood for Miami

A Miami mood board: Not exactly revolutionary. The obvious reason to choose Miami as inspiration for a porch or patio mood board is the warmth, the beaches and that ocean-view vibe. But it is the art deco lines and watery colours with warm hits in accent pieces envelope a space with summer feels. And since it’s Miami-inspired. It’s happening. It’s buzzy. And it’s very, very chill.

The Magic City, as it’s affectionally known as, is a hub for celebs and creatives. It’s also touted as a business epicentre for tech companies too. It has money. It has life. And together with the throw-back architecture that still thrives there, there are lots of inspirational touch points to look at in creating this mood board. It’s about expression, vibrancy and a sense of ease and comfort. Add the sand, the turquoise water, a frothy cocktail, and our colour palette is set!

The Caribe navy sectional with yellow and blue throw pillows have that table-service look of a must-be-seen-at ocean-view bar. And, just like it was plucked from Miami’s hottest hotel pool, the Orion chaise, with its curved frame and slick cushion design, feels luxurious. The Montego set addition to any porch will make it feel like your own luxurious A-lister hideaway, with its moody grey cushions and streamlined design. With the right colour combos, it’ll feel so Miami beach.

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