Come together, right now, over cheese (and wine).

Two years ago we traded in our 700 square-foot condo for a house. In the dead of winter we toured over 30 properties, but nothing stole our hearts. Defeated, one January morning on a whim, we decided to visit some open houses with my parents. That’s when we came across a small, cozy semi-detached home on the west end of Mississauga. The photos on the listing left more to be desired but we thought we’d give it a shot anyhow. Little did we know we’d fall in love.

Surrounded by mature trees on a quiet street, we pulled up to this charming, quaint house andin an instantwe knew it was the one. What we didn’t know was that it would take far longer than we anticipated to make it feel like home. Between my shift to self-employment and my husband travelling for work, we didn’t make time to evaluate how we wanted our space to feel and function. Even though an aspect of my work has me decorating homes, client work took priority and our home took a spot on the back burner. We made due with knee-jerk thrifted and discounted finds, but not only did it leave us uninspired, it left our living room in a constant state of flux. Everyday that went by, the burning desire to really invest in making it our own only grew stronger.

Fast-forward two years and we finally have a home that fits our lifestyle. We love to entertain as much as we love spending nights curled up on the sofa, escaping from our laptops and to-do lists, so a space that’s a sanctuary for both is amazing! After all, our dining and living space is where we come together after work to discuss how our days went, share our victoriesbig and smalland where we cheer on our favourite sports teams while enjoying some BBQ with our friends. It’s where we play board games with our nieces and nephews and where we create art and draw until we run out of paper. This is the space where my husband and I share our goals, our dreams and scheme about how we’re going to make them all happen.

Because our workdays are so hectic, we really wanted this space to lean minimal, giving off a light and airy feel. That meant bringing in sunshine in the form of light-coloured furniture and neutral pieces that weren’t visually heavy. Enter the Passerina Sofa in dove, which is oh-so-comfy for movie nights. Paired with the modern and comfortable Sunshine dining chairs, you have a great recipe for a wine and cheese night that trails into the wee hours of the morning!

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