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Yellow will make you happy – pair it with green to be even happier

You likely know we are all over the yellow trend – it’s the colour of the Leon’s logo and it’s affectionately dubbed Gen Z Yellow. Using yellow in your decor seems like an obvious mood booster. Yellow is sunny, warm and full of optimism.  But a new research study suggests if you really want to get in a good mood, a pair of colours will do: Yellow and green.

Yellow and green are a happy pair

CNN recently reported that if you want a happy home, consider decor with yellow and green. The study reported that adults feel happier when they see yellow and green. And why? Because it reminds us of nature.

Just look at the above leaves and flowers and fields of tulips. Or even a ripe avocado. They suggest health, life and calmness. The energy yellow and green give us isn’t just invigorating, it’s inspirational. Don’t you just feel like everything will be alright?

Décor that will inspire you, not overwhelm you

If you’re intimidated by the though of yellow, let alone green and yellow, don’t worry be happy! The two colours aren’t as loud as you might think – as long as you pair them with airy neutrals as a base. Whether it’s the walls in an egg shell white, the floors in a soft ash or a sofa in slate grey.

We’re loving slate grey (and most people love it too!). Especially for patio. The grey cushions of the Marco Swivel Chair don’t look moody with a yellow throw cushion and a vibrant green plant is nearby. Same goes for the Aosta Four-Piece Conversation set. Yellow and green plants and flowers make it extra homey.

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