I believe that seasonal decorating doesn’t have to be expensive nor difficult! And I think that one of the best ways of adding interest to you living room is by adding some new and fresh prints to the gallery wall!

Because visuals in the room are almost as important for me as the furniture themselves, since they can add the vibe and the atmosphere to the space like nothing else really. They can transform a boring and uninteresting wall in to a stunning and inspiring one !

And I really love it when not only the textures, pillows and accessories change with seasons, but also these visuals, prints and wall decorations. And so for me Christmas decorating means not only dressing up a Christmas tree, but also updating my gallery wall.But of course, since I don’t poses unlimited decorating funds, I had to find a way to make it affordable, and easy.

So first idea that came to my mind, was to use some wrapping paper! I had some recycled red and white one, that worked perfectly well with my gold frame, and I decided to use my whimsical black and white potato-stamped wrapping paper too!

Next, I searched on-line for some free winter printables, and found this vantage winter bird print, 100% free to download and print. ( If you never heard about printables before, they are the free for print at home prints, that other bloggers prepare for their readers. And the best place to find them is on Pinterest)

Lastly, I decided to make calligraphy prints that are so in style now. I must admit that I myself love calligraphy. It was just really difficult to decide on a quote!

Finally I have prepared two to prints choose from, that you can print at home for yourself : “Baby it’s cold outside” from my favorite jazzy Christmas song, and “Joyeux Noël” for all of my Quebec neighbors! Just click *here* and *here* to download and print them at home!

And if you’d like to make your own gallery wall here’s how

  1. Find one Christmas vintage wrapping paper that you like.
  2. Make simple potato stamp wrapping paper, and use it for that graphic feel.
  3. Print a free vintage image (a free printable)
  4. And choose one of my free calligraphy quotes.

That’s it! There’s nothing more left than just enjoy the holiday season! I hope you’ll use this time to slow down and enjoy your home like never before!

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