Some of my fondest memories were made around a table. My grandparents had (and still have) a big, dark-stained dining room table with high-backed chairs that have woven seats. They’re not the most comfortable, but that never stopped us from sitting there for hours on end. We’ve all lost count of how many birthday candles have been blown at that table, how many laughs have been shared, how many cups of coffee have been sipped on.

I haven’t lived close enough to enjoy frequent meals with my grandparents for over 20 years, but they have engraved in our family that the time we spend around a table is both meaningful and important. It’s a part of who we are.

In our house, the kitchen is the central hub of our home. It’s where we end up spending most of our time, whether it’s just the four of us, or we’re entertaining family and friends. Knowing this would always be the case for us, we decided to have our dining room as an extension of that space so there is no separation from where the food is made and where it’s consumed. Unfortunately, the dining room has been sadly neglected, and the set we have happened to be something I got for $25, long before kids came along. That certainly won’t cut it for birthday parties and big family dinners!

To inject a little life and personality into this room, we started by painting one accent wall in a large buffalo check pattern. Rather than doing it in the traditional black and white, we went for a sage green that can work regardless of season in this sunny room. See the full tutorial on how to paint a gingham pattern right here!

When I laid eyes on the Victoria Table, I knew I loved it! The dark grey stain felt like a great match for our black kitchen cabinets, and I was set on having a table with an X-shaped base – we need all the stability we can get with two rambunctious toddlers running all around it! Another reason to love this table? It’s made of rubberwood, which makes is incredibly durable and, again, kid proof! You can see where our priorities are here: stability, durability, wild-children proof, and great colour!

The Victoria Arm Chairs grace the ends of the table and bring a classic touch to this room along with a bit of comfort. We decided to use chairs from a different set to add some variety to the mix, and make it a little less formal. The Carolyn Side Chair in oak was just the fit with its ladder-back design and easy to wipe seats – again, messy kids require us to make smart furniture choices!

The final thing this room needed was storage. Though we believe in having dishes that serve both everyday and special occasion purposes, having a safe place for serving dishes, glasses and a few decorative items that are out of the toddler hurricane’s way is a major priority! Enter the Victoria China Cabinet. The kids may be able to get into the drawers, but they can’t open the glass doors, which means I can have pretty shelves without worry – that’s a major win in my books!

Having this space finished means much more than just being able to have a pretty room – it means years of blowing birthday candles, Saturday morning breakfasts, and holiday dinners, after which we can sit around the table for hours on end.

This room is a memory maker.


Victoria Table – Grey
Victoria Arm Chair
Carolyn Side Chair
Victoria 2-Piece China Cabinet

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