It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – in every room you go

For a beautiful seamless holiday look, follow a Christmas decor theme that not only suits your home decor, but your taste, too!

Christmas Decor Theme: Silver & gold, silver & Gold


Metallics are a fun, chic Christmas decor theme that’s perfect for the home that already has a focused decor theme. Perhaps a mid-century modern feel. Or even a farm-house vibe. This theme is for the home that’s filled with furniture with details so gorgeous you don’t want to hide them. These metallic decorations are like jewelry for the home with all this sparkle and shine.

Christmas Decor Theme: Traditionally red and green


This tried and true Christmas decor theme is perfect for those with sentimental feelings towards celebrating the holidays. Not only does this holiday style allow you to hold on to decorations for years to come and tie it in nicely with a contemporary home look, but you can also sneak in some of your old favourites too. Childhood ornament? Fits right in. Wreath that your momma made? It’s just perfect with the recent red and green items you just bought.

Christmas Decor Theme: Dreaming of a white Christmas


Not many people are ready for this level of commitment for the holidays. But an all-white Christmas decor theme is worth it – if you’re brave enough. And the reason I say “brave” is because even just one rogue red nutcracker could throw off the scheme. But the result is clean and really breathtaking. This decor theme is perfect for the Instagram-loving decorator, who already understands the rules of good lighting and filters.

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