When I was younger, I loved sleepovers. I would stay up all night talking with my girlfriends or play board games all night with my cousins. And even though I’m now a grown adult, I fully admit, I still love having guests stay over at my house but I’m usually unprepared. I don’t know about you, but I’ve rummaged through my linen closet at 3am for an extra toothbrush one too many times. I’ve also felt completely embarrassed by not having an extra clean face towel for an overnight guest. Because that happens. Sometimes a games night goes a little longer than expected (fine by me!) or maybe a girlfriend had a little more red wine than cheese during our late-night catch up but either way, I’d love for them to feel at home. I created a simple and thoughtful package to help guests feel welcome during their stay. This package includes all the little necessities just in case they aren’t prepared to spend the night. It’s also a great little tray to keep on hand, something I can take out and place on the bed when guests stay over.

Here’s what I’ve included in my welcome package (feel free to edit yours based on your guests needs or what you have on hand):

 Basket or tray
 Shampoo & conditioner
 Fresh flowers
 Frame (for Wi-Fi password)

Thanks for stopping by. How do you prepare for your guests? Leave your feedback in the comments below :)!


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