In our house, the living room is one of the spots you can find us lounging as a family, especially during the cooler months when all we want to do is curl up on our Bacchus Sofa, drink some hot cocoa and watch the seasons change from Autumn leaves dancing to frosty snowflakes falling ever so softly from above. Whether it be in the morning while breakfast is cookin’ on the stove or when dad gets home from a long day’s work, it’s the spot where the boys wrestle with Brent and jump around like flying monkeys until dinner is on the table.

The living room is the area of our home that is always getting dirty little foot prints on the floor, toy tractors stuck between the couch cushions or the place the boys like to wind down with some books as the evening passes. There’s nothing better than kickin’ your legs up and lounging with the fam, especially when your sofa is just as comfy as your bed. The living room is the area of our home that I see the most change- from those first few baby steps to the game of tag between two busy boys, it brings so much joy as well as a feeling of melancholy knowing that our family is growing within life’s different stages.With Christmas on the horizon, I love making our home (mainly living room) feel extra cozy and festive. The ones who notice the decorations the most are those two active little fellas, Jack and Max, swooning over all the sparkly decor, cozy pillows and the glistening Christmas tree in our living room. It’s also our favourite time of year as Santa will be visiting, all the cookie decorating that takes place with the endless amounts of yummy treats and Christmas crafts that come along with the holidays. I always look forward to finding inspirational crafts to make with the boys, like the super easy felt garland that dresses up our mantel.

The boy’s love crafts and getting their little hands on a pair of scissors and cutting anything that comes their way… can you and your littles relate!? I love layering our mantel with old decorations that have been passed down to me from my mom or DIY’s from past Christmas’, plus it’s always fun to change-up and personalize our mantel from year to year! There’s just so much to look forward too this time of year, even for us as adults. By the second week of November I like to get the Christmas tree set up in our living room, Jack and Max love to scrimmage through our ornament totes and pull out their favourite tree ornaments and place them onto the tree. By the time the tree is fully decorated, it’s like the scene out of the Griswold’s… Drummmmm roll, “dum da da dum dum” the tree lights up! The boys eyes light up with excitement and their tiny little hands clap with joy. This is always one of my favourite moments of Christmas and one that we always seem to document with a photo every year!

I remember when I was a little girl, helping my mom decorate the tree, she always went all out with the Christmas decorations indoors and outdoors. My parents really made our home feel extra warm over the Holidays, and they still do when all of us kids and grandkids come knocking on the door Christmas Eve! Christmas has always been a feeling of happiness and excitement and we should always try to feel blessed instead of stressed. I have learned that a meaningful gift, whether it be homemade, a kind gesture or good company are more than enough during the Holiday season.

My mom also taught me a few tips and tricks that I have carried on into my own home during the holidays, for instance: we always use a self-timer that plugs into the wall so that each day at 6pm, the tree automatically turns on and after 11pm the tree turns off, the boys are always caught off guard but in a surprisingly good way when the tree lights up. Little moments like this easily put a smile on the boys faces. My mom rarely put gift tags on the presents growing up because then we wouldn’t know who’s was who’s present, therefore we couldn’t sneak-ishly rip a corner or shake the present to figure out what was inside… She’s got one good memory if you ask me!

Create your very own DIY Photo Hanging Tree Branch! Click here to see full tutorial.

See that little wooden rocking horse? My parents gave me that horse for my first birthday. It really warms my heart knowing that my kids get to love on a toy that once was so special to me! And I bet you can’t guess how old that horse is 😉With our main floor being fairly open, when we have company over for the holidays it’s easy to drag a dining chair into the living room and form an open circle full of good tales, gift exchanges, and a few warm mugs of hot cocoa! I have come to realize that our living room doesn’t need to be jammed full of furniture, it just needs to be comfortable for the 4 of us as a family, while occasionally, when we do celebrate with our extended family, we can easily move chairs around to make our space work. You will always find the boys laying under our Natura Coffee Table playing farm with their tractors, lounging on the Bacchus Chair and a Half reading books or them under the blankets giggling on our Bacchus sofa during a game of hide and seek. Come Christmas morning, the glistening tree will be filled with presents and grins from ear to ear while we sit on our couch enjoying some freshly brewed coffee, listening to the boys squeal with Christmas morning glee!Being that we have lived in our home for 4 years, our living room has never felt as cozy as it does now. As a young family we started out with the few items we needed to make our living room feel like a home: a couch set, coffee table, area rug, media stand and TV, there was nothing special about our furniture other than it had a purpose. When Jack was a baby, I found myself sitting on the couch in front of the TV either nursing or folding laundry with a cup of jo in hand while Jack snoozed the day away. As Jack grew, so did the toy collection in the living room. Fast forward 4 years, our living room is now TV less, (almost) toy-less and it feels welcoming. Our space is very functional with a little urban country flare, everything has a place and the boys are aware of where everything belongs (and if you’re wondering where our TV went, it’s in the basement with all the boys toys)! We decided to make our living room more of a sitting area, not distracted by a TV, there aren’t a 100 toys we are constantly kicking or tripping over, instead we have a few bins under the coffee table that hold a few tractors for the boys.

We simply evaluated our space, and decided to give the boy’s the basement and keep the main floor living room peaceful and minimal where we can really enjoy each others company. Our home is simple, it flows gracefully as it’s the “it” place for our energized boys to bounce off the couches from time-to-time or run circles around the kitchen and living room, full speed! Our living room may not so much be a living room anymore but more so a family room, after all the only entertainment in this space is each other or an interesting book! Filling your home with the things you love doesn’t happen overnight, I feel as though our home over the last few years has really become a home that reflects us, it all just takes time to layer in those sentimental elements. And at the end of a day, the only part in your home that really matters are the people you share it with, the memories created and the values you carry on outside the walls of your home.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday, XO

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