There’s no denying it, the most magical room in a home is the kitchen. It’s where dinners are prepared to celebrate birthdays, promotions and anniversaries. It’s where you stay up all night helping the kids with homework. It’s where you sneak that midnight snack when you can’t sleep. It’s where friend and family gather at Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. The kitchen is where the magic happens!

But what happens when the magic starts to fade? The paint becomes tired, the faucet outdated, and the appliances worn. When the magic is gone, it’s time for a makeover, and that’s exactly what happened at my house. While upgrading appliances may feel like a major kitchen update, it’s actually one of the easiest to do… and it makes a huge impact!

Mini Kitchen MakeoverBlack Appliances Before LG Stainless Steel Upgrade

When John and I first moved into our house I loved the dark cabinetry, the black appliances, and the neutral countertop. I even went as far as to describe it as my “dream kitchen.” But as time when on, my tastes evolved and I now find myself lusting over stainless steel appliances, farm house sinks, and quartz countertops. Swoon!

Knowing an entire kitchen overhaul was not in the budget, we started to prioritize the cosmetic items on our list that we knew would make the biggest impact. That meant no sledge hammers or crowbars. No ripping out cabinets. No drywall dust or broken tiles. It’s amazing how fixing even the tiniest imperfections can transform a space. We quickly and easily installed a new sleek and modern faucet, touched up the paint on the walls and ceiling, swapped out light fixtures, decluttered the countertops (that meant goodbye big coffee maker, hello french press!), added new accessories, and picked out new appliances.

Delivery & InstallationUpgrading to new LG appliances

The helpful people at Leon’s made sure the delivery and installation went off without a hitch. Before finalizing our appliance decision we had a Leon’s installer visit our house to measure the space to ensure the appliance we selected would fit (thank goodness they would!), we then were able to finalize the delivery with our Leon’s store. By the time April 2nd rolled around, I was beyond giddy inside! In just a few short hours the appliances of my dreams would be installed, completing my mini-kitchen makeover!

Upgrading to new LG door-in-door fridge

Waiting was the hardest part. As soon I as I heard that familiar “beep, beep” sound of the truck backing into my driveway I was at the front door faster than you could say LG! The Leon’s delivery crew were courteous and careful when the carried all the new appliances in. Unfortunately, my doorway was not quite wide enough so the fridge had to be taken apart… one extra step, but necessary to ensure the fridge and my doorway were not damaged. Once everything was in place I waited for the installer to arrive. In a blink of an eye my kitchen was finished. In one hour the installer had run a new water line for the fridge, connected the gas line to the stove, and installed the dishwasher! I couldn’t have been more impressed or happy with how the day went; and my new kitchen was ready to be cooked in!

Upgrading to new LG dishwasher

Appliance & Brand Selection

Some find selecting a brand of appliances time consuming and confusing, but John and I knew exactly what brand we wanted, LG. In fact almost every single major appliance and electronic device in our house is LG… everything from our washer & dryer to our TV’s and sound system. Do not get me wrong, there are plenty of excellent appliance manufacturers out there, we just know we can trust LG.

LG is always on the cutting edge of technology, design and function. While the gas range and dishwasher were the easier of the three decisions, the options for a fridge blew us away! In the end the new Door-In-Door refrigerator stole our hearts; it’s perfect for someone like me who spends a lot of time in the kitchen and is constantly accessing commonly used items in the fridge (like cream for my coffee in the morning, and wine for relaxing evenings on the couch!).

The LG gas range with true convection oven is also my dream come true! Last summer when we purchased our gas barbecue we had enough foresight to ask the gas technician to also run a line for a gas stove. Laying this groundwork made the decision to transition to gas that much easier. And I can’t tell you how happy I am with the change! Not only does the oven preheat in the blink of an eye, it bakes my treats evenly and quickly. I thought there would be more of a learning curve when I switched from electric to gas, but I can honestly say it’s been a breeze.

And let’s talk about the LG dishwasher for a moment. I never realized how loud our old dishwasher was until our new one was installed. Sure it sounded like a helicopter was landing in our backyard, but I learned to live with it. But with the LG’s new LoDecibel technology you can barely hear it running! When I ran my first load, I wasn’t even convinced it was working! Sure enough my dishes came out spotless!

All that said, I am overjoyed with my new kitchen and so impressed with not only the many features of my new appliances, but the quality! Now it’s time to bake, cook, and party! Cheers!

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