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Now that the season for summer entertaining is here, we’re on the hunt for simple ways to liven up our tables with a little bit of colour and texture, and what better way to do so than with DIY wine bottle vases? Inspired by our current fav- the Richmond Pub table– we’ve come up with a simple and impactful way to upcycle your empty bottles. (As the under-the-pub wine rack has ample storage for all of your full bottles!)Chances are you already have a few empty bottles laying around, and if you don’t, this project will provide the perfect excuse to grab a few extra bottles for your next dinner party! 

We opted for a mix of colours, sizes and heights, creating a beautiful tablescape accent that you can fill with a few stems of your favourite seasonal blooms and lush greenery.

  • Empty bottles. We used a mix of wine, cold brew coffee, flavour extract, and condiment bottles in clear and umber tones, in a variety of sizes
  • Bucket (or sink) filled with hot water.
  • Label/adhesive removal liquid. Goof Off or Goo Gone  will both work.
  • Small scraper (or butter knife)
  • Paper towel
  • Fresh flowers
  1. Fill the bottles with hot water and secure their lids. Place in the bucket of hot water and let soak for 30 minutes.
  2. Remove the bottles from the hot water and peel off the labels. Some labels will be easier to remove than others, and it’s likely that there will still be remnants of the label on the bottle, but try to get off as much as possible in this step.
  3. Fold a piece of paper towel in quarters and lightly soak with the label removal liquid. Hold down on the remaining label remnants until it’s lightly soaked through.
  4. Take your scraper/knife and peel off the rest of the label. At this stage, it should come off easily.
  5. If the bottle has a metal wrapper at the top of the neck, carefully remove.
  6. Now your bottles are ready to be used as vases! Mix and match with a variety of sizes and heights to create the perfect accent to your summer tablescape.


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