You never forget your first home, right? Well, true, unless you happen to be less than a year old, as is the case for my twin boys. Though we definitely won’t forget what their first room looked like and the home we brought them to from the hospital that warm December morning, they, most importantly, will make memories in this nursery. It’s the room they’ll grow up in. It’s the room they’ll remember as their own, and so it needed to be special.

Our current home is nestled on a treed lot that gets tons of natural light, close to a lake and full of paths to be discovered around the neighbourhood. I wanted this environment to be reflected in their room as well, along with a sense of adventure. The mountain mural was my way of bringing the outdoors in without getting too literal and keeping things minimal, while the blue and yellow are references to the sun and water that surround us. The cool white and greys will serve well to help the boys to relax when it’s time for sleep.These white cribs and dressers are perfectly neutral and bright and that can grow with them into toddlerhood as their cribs have rails that can be added when they’re “big boys”! The removable change tray on top of the dresser is perfect, as the surface plays double duty – something that becomes super important with multiples. For now, a DIY Winter mobile hangs above to help distract wriggly babies when they need to be still and is an easy piece to interchange with the seasons, and to keep their interest!Now for the burning question: why a loveseat in a nursery? With two babies, it’s important to have lots of room for them and for us! The Passerina Loveseat is the perfect spot for us snuggle as we read bedtime stories and sing Christmas carols! It may not be the typical glider or rocking chair, but when your arms are constantly full of snuggly babies, a small but comfortable spot is just the thing, and this way there’s always room for both mom and dad to hang out in the nursery.

My hope for this room is that it will always be their haven, their own space where they can be comfortable, where they can play, and where they can dream big big dreams! And I can’t wait to hear them excitedly wake up on Christmas morning this year and for many more to come!

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