tropical mood board

Tropical Mood Board – That Vacay Mood At Home

Sometimes you just can’t make up your mind. You want warm tones. But then those cool hues are a must. You want your home to have an airiness. And then the thought of not doing texture seems just wrong. Enter this tropical mood board.

The best of all décor worlds

By bringing together complementary colours in warm and cool tones, and homing in on textures that are – or suggest – bamboo, palm tree leaves and weaves, you will achieve a vacay-down-south feel in your home.

But how do you make it look stylish and not like you’re hoarding tacky souvenirs from your last all-inclusive? Choose furniture with modern lines to balance out the weight of the colour and texture. See how this tropical mood board brings together exotic colour and other features with furniture that is streamlined and chic.

Add this to your home to make a huge impact. 

Grab a piña colada and take a seat

The great thing about the tropical theme is the ability to bring together colours that would really work for any other décor strategy. And don’t they look perfect together? The Passerina sofa in a blue has a bit of bite with a hint of teal tone. And the Stella accent chair looks vibrant, and zesty with this orange.

As for texture, baskets and sofa scarves do the trick. And distressed wood tables give the room a relaxed tropic vibe. But if you want more visual interest, think outside of the decorator’s box with a lamp. Lamps add some beautiful and unexpected interest, like this Yana lamp with its glass bamboo body.

And, now, isn’t it nice to think you can take that vacation mood home and keep it? Enjoy!

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