Searching for the perfect favor to spruce up your table and send your partygoers home with? We’ve got you covered — these handmade Tree Seedling Table Favors are sure to awe your guests. Even those little guests will get a kick out these mini christmas trees ;)! You’re welcome.

  • Soup can (number will depend on how many guests/seating)
  • Tree seedling (number will depend on amount of cans used)
  • Soil
  • Vintage book
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • Hemp/Jute rope
  • Name Labels/Tags
  1. Soup cans. Collect the amount of soup cans you plan to give to each of your guests. Once you have ate your abundance of soup (thankfully my 3-year-old loves chicken noodle soup!), peel the label off, rinse and dry each of the cans.
  2. Apply vintage book pages. Find a vintage book — I went to my local thrift store and found a book with aged paper (another option is to tea stain regular paper). I measured how much of the paper I wanted to cover the can, cut the paper, then wrap and layer them around the soup can. Using a popsicle stick or your finger, apply the mod podge to the paper and stick onto your soup can.
  3. Wrap the can. Using string rope or ribbon, begin wrapping it around your can, layer the string until your happy with the result — make sure theres a little extra string before and after to tie a bow!
  4. Plant your seedlings. You are probably wondering, where do I find or buy these little guys. I found all 6 of mine (plus more), in the ditch on the side of a country road. If you don’t feel like getting out of your car and hiking through a ditch, no worries — You can find/purchase these guys at your local tree nursery or conservation area, even look online! Once you have your seedlings, it’s time to plant them into your handmade can. Start by loosening the dirt around the roots if there is a bunch attached, then fill the the bottom of your can 1/3 full of soil, put the roots in and top the tree with soil until the can is almost full. Display your guest’s name — I found these cute chalkboard labels (pictured below) and a local craft store. You could even make your own with a piece of bristol board and a wooden skewer. And lastly, give those tiny seedlings a good watering in their new home!

I’m in love with how these tree seedling table favors complete this modern woods themed tablescape. Lush greenery, natural colours and textures, mixed with wood elements create a cozy and modern woodland tablescape — it’s like having an picnic in the forest.  The bench pictured above is from Leon’s and it gives this area a spacious comfy feeling, it’s perfect for gathering all your guests around the table!  This tablescape is all about enjoying the beauty of nature from the great outdoors. 

With the spirit of the holidays, we hope you plant roots of cherished memories!

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