Gallery walls are one of the easiest ways to add visual interest and impact to a room.  Though the thought of hanging a gallery wall can be ever so slightly intimidating, they are truly worth the effort!

I chose to add a gallery wall to our recent basement makeover and we are absolutely thrilled with the results! I’ve rounded up five of my best tried and true tips for anyone ready to tackle a gallery wall in their own home. Read them below!

Tip 1:  Measure Your Space

This one is important! In order to know how many frames/sizes etc you’ll need, you’re going to need to know how much space you are covering. Once you’ve measured your wall, you can then use that measurement to figure out just how much space you have to fill.  Filling the entire wall behind the couch, or approximately 2/3 of the length of the couch are both great options.

Tip 2: Start With Paper Templates

If you’re concerned about making too many holes in your wall, you can cut paper templates (using kraft paper) of each frame and then tape them to the wall.  That way you can see the finished product and move things around until you find a layout that you’re happy with.

Tip 3: Match Your Finishes

Tying your art and frames in with your room’s decor (ie. fabrics, accessories, rugs, wood finishes) will ensure that you have a cohesive look in the end.  Gallery walls give you the ability to showcase a collection of art or a variety of pieces that you absolutely love.  For the one in our basement, I included art that the kids have made, photographs and then a few pieces that add an element of fun and curiosity.

Tip 4: Choose A Palette And Theme & Stick With It!

I typically go with one style and colour of frame, or I choose a few different styles and buy a couple of each.  This allows you to vary the sizes and shapes creating repetition. (But you can truly use any frames that your heart desires, that’s the beauty of gallery walls!) If you’re looking for more of an eclectic look, vary the finishes, sizes and styles of your frames, but try to have a some repetition so that the overall look is visually appealing.  Gallery walls look just as beautiful when they are in a perfect pattern, using all of the same frames, as they do when they are completely organic or partially organic (organized layout with a variety of frames).

Tip 5: Stay Consistent With Spacing

Generally I like to hang the frames the same distance apart from one another.  That is usually 2-3”, but again, you can play around with distance. If you’re worried about the frames shifting, you can use a couple of finishing nails on the top corners to help keep them straight.

All set to hang you’re very own gallery wall?  Fantastic!  Be sure to have fun with it!  There are many ways to hang a gallery wall, searching for a style that appeals to you before you start will help save time when it comes to choosing a layout.  Be sure to only use pieces that you love!  It may take time to find the right art, but it will be worth it in the end!

Athina Sofabed| Wellington Side Table| Wellington Coffee Table

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