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Tips for Choosing Pillows for Your Space

Tonic-Living-Pillows-Hello-Yellow-6Pillows are such a great way to personalize your rooms.  When it comes time to select pillows, it’s always fun to mix and match patterns and prints.  Here are some tips to coordinate pillows for your space!  Really, the sky is the limit and definitely go with what you love, but if you’re nervous about mixing patterns, these tips should help.  For this project, I worked with the amazing team at Tonic Living to find the perfect pillows for our Athina Sectional and Ariel Chair.

The first place to start is selecting a colour palette (this is where your colour wheel comes in handy!).  Whether if you’re sticking to a monochromatic, analogous or contrasting colour palette, this is the place to start.  Next up, you will want to think about mixing patterns and textures.  By adding different textures, you keep your space from being too dull.

For mixing patterns, I typically like to have at least one floral print, one geometric and one solid.  The key is to mix the scale of the prints, meaning, one large, one medium, one small.

I am a huge fan of pillows that are 20×20.  Because we were working with a sectional (the Athina), I wanted to cover as much space as possible.  We went with faux-down inserts, a great alternative to real down.  They truly look and feel that same as the real thing!  Tonic Living offers several different insert options, ranging in price, which is a bonus.

The jumping off point for the colour palette in our basement makeover was the weeping jade tree in our backyard, which you can see from the basement window.  I adore the colours, pink, green and white, they are fresh and lively.  I spotted the Sonnet in Spring fabric and immediately knew it had to be a part of this space!  The Monarch Trellis fabric really complimented the Sonnet in Spring and the print had some softness to it, which appealed to me.  To balance off the more feminine prints, I selected Links in Indigo and for texture this stunning Indigo Velvet.

I love that Tonic Living provides you with the option of purchasing fabric swatches.  If you’re not too sure about your choices, you can order these swatches which are a reasonable size and will allow you to really see how they will look in your space.  This is exactly what I did as I wasn’t too sure which blue fabric I wanted to go with.  I ordered several different options and selected the Links in Indigo.

Here is how our basement looks now, with the addition of our new pillows:

Tonic-Living-Pillows-Hello-Yellow-1 Tonic-Living-Pillows-Hello-Yellow-2 Tonic-Living-Pillows-Hello-Yellow-4 Tonic-Living-Pillows-Hello-Yellow-5 Tonic-Living-Pillows-Hello-Yellow-6 Tonic-Living-Pillows-Hello-Yellow-7 Tonic-Living-Pillows-Hello-Yellow-8 Tonic-Living-Pillows-Hello-Yellow-9 Tonic-Living-Pillows-Hello-Yellowtonic-living

Pillows are such a great way to customize your space, to truly personalize your space!  I find that they make the room feel cozy and welcoming.

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