how to use colour in your home, with tips from Tiffany Pratt
Afraid To Use Colour? Don’t Be, Says Tiffany Pratt

I didn’t realize I was afraid to use colour in my home until after meeting designer and HGTV Canada’s Home To Win colour expert Tiffany Pratt. She not only embraces colour, she lives it. From her head to her toes (in case you can’t tell by the photo above). It was after chatting with the Queen of Colour, that I took inventory of what I surround myself with visually. My office is bare. My house is full of neutrals. I typically wear three colours (pink, grey and black. Even my cellphone case is clear. Hiding behind the “minimalist” aesthetic, I created a box of boundaries. I know I’m not alone. Are you the same?

Thankfully I had the chance to sit down with Tiffany and chat about colour, why she loves it, and how someone like myself can use colour more.

When did you first discover you were obsessed with colour?

“I immediately go back to being in elementary school, swishing the tempera cake paints. As soon as I discovered that once you added water to the cakes you could mix them, I was hooked! Painting was my gateway drug to all things colour – hair, clothes, décor, you name it.”

This wall mural is super easy to do. Promise.

Why should people use colour in their home?

“The answer is why not? Colour is life’s energy. It makes you feel good. Not everyone likes the same colours. And the shades you choose are truly personal. But having colour in your home evokes a life energy unlike any other. And the shades you choose may be different from others. But having it in your home will make you happy. It makes you feel like yourself, and it restores you! So, colour in your home equals love.”

Did you know that this colour pairing has been scientifically proven to be the happiest colour combination?

How can people use colour in their home in a noncommittal way?

Lamps are always a great way. If you get sick of it, you can trade it out. And accent pillows and area rugs.”


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