Grey decor doesn’t have to be boring – here’s how to have fun with the moody neutral

Grey decor might seem like a basic design strategy. It’s a neutral that works in pretty much any space. It can look clean and modern yet still cozy and airy, too. But the key to decorating with grey is the complementary colours you choose for accent pieces.

Accenting grey decor

They key to not overwhelming your grey decorated room is to be smart with your accents. Since grey is such a soft neutral, you don’t want any colour to overtake what you’ve planned for your grey theme.

Take this grey chaise sofathe Maria 2-Piece Sectional. It’s contemporary modern lines and slim arms and peg legs could easily be outdone by opulent details and bold colours. But for this grey decor mood board, we’re going to take a more subtle approach with accents that will help show off a grey couch instead of hiding it.

Add hits of colour where it counts

Accent pieces should still catch the eye and stand up well as conversation starters. But for a modern grey decor scheme, the Glennon Accent Cabinet in Teal adds at pretty hit of colour that supports your greys, as well shines for itself in a beautiful way.

And to add dimension to the grey-teal colour plan, throw in a few more warm colours, like orange and yellow. And a painting is the perfect way to do that. The Raincoat Canvas pulls together the coolness of the grey chaise sofa and teal cabinet, but brightens up the place like an orange raincoat would!

Know when less is more

Not all your decor accessories should be colour-focused in a grey room. That’s why this silver lamp and glass table work so well in a grey living room. The Gwendolyn (part of a three lamp pack) and the Flow table set (another three-piece set) allow your grey sofa (and floors, and walls, if you wish) to still be a focal point in your room.

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