Hey there! Melissa here from The Sweet Escape and I’m super excited to share my kitchen makeover with you along with some kitchen trends for 2015. I’m absolutely in love with the end result of my makeover and I have Leon’s to thank for the big finishing touches which made it even better than I imagined.

As you can see by my original kitchen inspiration mood boards and mock-up, I stayed pretty true to my vision. I’m very inspired by vintage style and colours. The idea was to give it a modern update with a nod to vintage in the colour and accessories. I also didn’t have a large budget so many of the elements I did myself (tiles, island, open shelves) and the cupboards were spray painted.

Here’s the before & after side by side. What a difference! You can visit Apartment Therapy for the full reveal along with all the resources.

The cherry on top was getting a brand new fridge and range from the Whirlpool Black Ice Collection available at Leon’s to really give the look an updated look. I wanted to stick with black appliances because they worked well with the design. Once the kitchen was complete, the appliances looked a bit dated so I decided it would be nice to update the fridge and stove. My current appliances were Whirlpool and black so the Black Ice collection were a perfect fit for the update. You can get a real tour and hear me chat about my kitchen on a recent episode of House & Home TV.

I love the french door style fridge because I’m pretty tall and I love to cook so this way I wouldn’t be bending over and losing sight of items hiding on the top shelf anymore. As you can see, there’s no shortage of space and there’s lots of digital controls to keep the fridge running at its best.

I chose the front control glass top range because I wanted a nice clean design line to show off more of that fab marble tile.

I also really love the different cooking settings, the chemical-free self cleaning feature and the huge glass front door so I can keep an eye on my culinary creations.

For me, black was definitely the right choice with my design but it turns out that it’s an upcoming kitchen trend. In fact, according to style authority Lonny magazine, black is the new stainless steel.

When I did some more research on 2015 Kitchen trends I discovered that my kitchen is unintentionally quite the trendy hipster. If you’re planning a kitchen makeover, a small update or looking to start from scratch this year, here’s 13 Kitchen Looks Expected to be Big in 2015, as reported by Houzz and their design experts. Visit Houzz for the full list with lots of examples but here’s the 5 trends you’ll find in my kitchen, including beautiful black!

Thank you for letting me share my kitchen makeover with you! What do you think? Would you use any of these design elements in your kitchen? What are some of your favourite timeless kitchen design features?


Whirlpool Black Ice Fridge

Whirlpool Black Ice Range

Whirlpool Black Ice Full Collection

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