Storing ornaments has to be one of my least favourite things. I’ve done everything from wrapping them individually in tissue paper to keeping them in their original bulky boxes (that just end up falling apart) to tossing them in a shoebox and hoping for the best. Truthfully, none of those worked out too well for me (or some of the poor ornaments), but thankfully I tried something that actually works, and I promise you it does because I have been using this method for the last three Holidays and I can’t ever go back to my old ways now!Alright, so what is it? Well let me start by warning you that you WILL need to walk away from small kids for this for at least 30-45 minutes. Possibly with a hot coffee. And some relaxing music. That may or may not be exactly what I did.

  • 40-50 Plastic cups (16 oz sized)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Foam board or cardboard
  • A large storage container with a lid
  • Scissors
  • Your dear ornaments

The best time to complete this project is long before you actually need to put ornaments away because it will be so satisfying when you’re ready to take the tree down and you’re all ready for your brand spanking new storage system! 

  1. Start by either measuring the bottom of your storage container or tracing the bottom of it onto your foam board. If you do the second, make sure to cut it a bit smaller so that it fits inside the container.
  2. Once you’re sure it fits, leave it in there and place some cups to figure out how many it will take to fill up the whole surface. Simply line up cups along one short and long edge of the container, do a little math and you’ll know how many cups you need. I needed 20.
  3. Now you can prep the cups. Place 2-3 strips of double-sided tape on the bottom of the cups. Once you have enough for the first layer, remove the tape backing and stick them to your foam board (still inside the container).
  4. Now you’re ready for round two. Measure the space on top of the cups and cut out another piece of foam board. Repeat the process with the double sided tape and cups. You now have storage for 40+ ornaments!
  5. As an added step, I used another piece of foam board on top of the second row of cups and used that area for ornaments that are flat and would not fit inside the cups. This would also make great storage for a wreath because it definitely would not get damaged this way!

Now when I’m ready to take my tree down, I can place my ornaments in a cup and know that they won’t be damaged when I not-so-carefully take that bin down to the basement for storage! And if you want to see my budget-friendly way to make a Christmas tree a little fuller, you’re in luck because we have a post about that, too!

I love that the top row of cups is easily removable and I can very clearly see where everything is stored.

Also, I definitely double up on some of the cups and place multiple ornaments in them (as long as they’re not fragile), and I love these as storage for small garlands! Magical!This truly makes putting away ornaments a pleasure every year, and makes taking them back out way less stressful because I don’t have to worry about which will be broken or where they may be wedged!

Now what do you say? Is this a DIY life hack you’re willing to try?

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