Your coffee table usually takes center stage in the room, so why not make it look beautiful?!   The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating your coffee table, but finding a jumping off point can sometimes be a little tricky.

Today I’m tackling the Wellington coffee table in our basement.  Since this is a space that needs to be family friendly (aka ready to handle flying nerf pellets!) I kept the styling simple and chose items that fit the use of the space.  Nothing too tall and nothing that can easily be broken.  When decorating a coffee table, I always try to incorporate the following: something green, something with height, some ambiance (candles) and a hint of colour and texture for interest.   Adding a fun decorative piece is always great too!

Where to start is often the number one question.  Of course it depends on the shape of your coffee table, but for the most part, start by drawing an imaginary line that divides your table into 2, 3 or 4 sections and then decorate each section.

I’ve created three options for our basement table, for all three, I’ve divided the table into two equal sections.  By leaving extra space on the outer edge of the table, we won’t have to move anything around for when we feel like kicking our feet up while watching our favourite movie or shows!  I often choose to use trays on coffee tables for a couple of reason.  They are a great option because they cover quite a bit of space and they also provide you with a designated spot to place your remotes (nothing worse than having to dig through sofa and chair cushions trying to find the remote!).   Another reason why I love them so much is because they make it easy for you to clear off the table when needed.  Game night anyone?!You will almost always find a stack of books on our coffee tables.  They are such an asset when it comes to styling.  Books provide height and they can also help you carry your colour palette through the room.  These three books coordinate well with our throw pillows.  Choose a few that vary in size and don’t be afraid to place the top book on an angle for interest.  Consider removing the paper jackets from your books as they sometimes hide a stunning hardcover!  Top the books with a couple of decorative items to finish off the look!

If you prefer to not have a tray, you can easily replicate the first look by removing the tray and placing a plant or flowers in a vase or planter that has some texture for interest.  This plant is great because it spreads out and covers a bit more space than the previous one.  I then placed a decorative piece and a couple of coasters at the base of the plant to complete the look.

When in doubt, keep it simple!  For the final look, I chose a flowering plant with height and placed three white candles (consider choosing battery operated candles if you have kids)  in a tray next to it.  The woven basket on the lower shelf (perfect for holding remotes or blankets) adds a wonderful touch of texture and warmth.

Be sure to have fun with it!  Let your table reflect your personality by adding items that you love!

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