Whether the state of your coffee table is a dumping grounds or just bare bones, you can easily elevate your living room aesthetic by styling your coffee table with a few simple tricks. Here are eight easy tablescape design tweaks that will turn a standard-issue coffee table into a living room standout.

A striking coffee table styled with a tray and plants

1. Group tabletop displays in odd numbers

Whether it’s a trio of hammered brass bowls, or a set of five potted succulents, odd numbered groupings are more visually appealing than even numbered ones. Just go with it. Or showcase one solitary, statement-making piece, such as an epic tall vase.

2. Mix styles

Introduce rustic to refined with a live-edge wood coffee table and linen-covered sofa. Furniture pieces don’t have to match to complement one another.

3. Think: Tray chic

A tray brings versatility to dual-purpose furniture. An ottoman becomes a coffee table when you put a tray on top. Remove the tray whenever you need extra seating.

4. Go for minimal display in a room with heavy furniture

If your room is designed around larger, weightier furniture pieces, keep your coffee tablescape light and uncluttered, so it doesn’t compete. Loaded with coffee-table books? Stack them low, but juxtapose the covers for an interesting twist.

5. Show off your personality

Whether you’re a crafter, a traveller, a hand-me-down fiend (or all of the above), don’t forget to weave sentimental treasures into displays from time to time. You’ll smile every time you look over!

6. Try more than one coffee table

There’s no rule that says you can only have one. Consider a pair of ceramic stools tables or a set of nesting tables.

7. Play with scale to find balance

Avoid displaying votives that are identical in size, or potted plants that are all the same height. To ensure overall balance in your table display, mix it up – and remember to group displays in odd numbers.

8. Finish it with flowers

From a stunning potted orchid to an overflowing bouquet of peonies, fresh flowers add a vibrant hit of colour and scent. There’s no better way to say, “Come have a seat.”

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