I truly can’t deny my love for magazines and my husband cherishes his book collection, so adding a bookcase to our reading nook was a great solution to storing our favourite reading material so that they are easily accessible.  The amazing thing about bookcases is that they don’t only provide you with enough space for books and magazines, but are also the perfect spot to display family photos, heirlooms, accessories, and more!

There’s nothing better than having a place for everything, but you definitely want to make spaces there exposed look great!   Here are tips to styling your bookcase like a rockstar!

  1. Make It Personal

    You know those precious family photos that are tucked away?  Go grab them and a beautiful frame and put them on display!  The great thing about printing photos out in a common size is that you can rotate them every so often.  Scatter a few frames filled with great photos on various shelves of your bookcase.

  2. Add a Natural Element

    Natural elements add a touch of warmth to your space, which makes it feel that much cozier and welcoming.  We may not all have a green thumb, but we sure do love a touch of greenery!  You can opt for faux (they are some amazing fake blooms out there nowadays!) or you can choose a plant that is known for it’s hardiness such as a spider plant or snake plant.  Branches, rocks (perhaps stones from your travels or driftwood from the cottage or beach) are also great options!  You can easily add a touch of the holidays with season florals or clippings from your Christmas tree!

  3. Layer Art

    Art is a fantastic way to add personality to your space.  If you have several bookcases side by side, you can hang art on the front of them, however, if you have just one, like we do here, leaning your art is a great option.  Layering smaller frames in front of larger ones is a also a great way to add depth.  Add a few holiday prints to help bring some festive cheer to your space!

  4. Colour

    Now it’s time to add a pop of colour!  You can do this in a variety of ways.  Colourful frames or beautiful florals are two fantastic options.  If possible, try to carry the colour palette from your room into the decor on your bookcase for a cohesive feel and look.

  5. Storage

    Glass storage containers are amongst some of my favourite things.  I appreciate their simple beauty and how they allow you to highlight various treasures in an elegant way.  These types of containers are great for grouping collections, such as seashells, rocks or maybe even heirlooms.  They are also a great place to store your jewelry.

  6. Lastly, books of course!

    Don’t feel like you have to have your books all aligned perfectly. Lay some on their sides, turn others with the pages out and then stack them in various groupings (by height or colour) on the shelves.  This brings a bit of interest to your bookcase and by laying your books on their backs, you now have another place to add an accessory or two!  They are a great way to add a bit of height!

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