When my brother Peter got married two years ago to his finance Lindsay,  he turned to me, his big sister, for advice on where to shop, and what to buy for outfitting his new home. The two of them were on a limited budget as many young couples are and in addition, Lindsay was going back to school to study nursing.  I was so proud of my brother for all that he’s trying to achieve, and for Lindsay – for going after her dream of wanting to be a nurse, that I wanted to take the stress off their shoulders on how to make their rental feel “adult” without breaking the bank.

I knew that I wanted their small rental to be filled with with wonderful décor that made it feel like home, a place where they could start their married life together and feel comfy, not like financially strapped students. When I started researching how to find style at an affordable price Leon’s came to mind – for both cost considerations, they were right on budget – and style wise, I knew that there were some amazing pieces I could work with. So last summer we set to work on designing for both a living room and a bedroom makeover, combining pieces from Leon’s, vintage pieces I picked up in cottage country, and custom pieces from places like Tonic Living.

First things first, we went to Leon’s at The Roundhouse here in Toronto. The three of us walked the showroom (gorgeous!). I shot a little video of the experience which you can watch below. It was a great experience as we were able to sit, test, and get an idea of size of the pieces.

And, the reveal!

The Bedroom

We picked the Whitley set for the bedroom. I’m always a fan of white, because it allows you to change the look of a room without re-investing in furniture. The Whitley collection has classic lines, and won’t date. I added in some gorgeous blue custom euro pillows against the headboard, which added instant style and a pop of colour to an all white set.  A throw at the end of the bed was actually our jumping off point and I had brought it with me to Tonic Living, to make sure the pillows worked well with the wool throw. A bolster in a gorgeous yellow pattern added an additional layer of custom. You can see the full reveal here.

The Living Room

The Tristan Sofa was really an exciting pick for the space. It’s classic, stylish and ridiculously comfy. We added in custom, large pillows onto the couch to add some personality to the room and did a gallery wall behind the couch. You can see a full reveal of the living room here!

What did you think of the makeover series? Did you have a favourite room?


Whitley Bedroom Collection

Tristan Sofa

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