A grown-up bedroom that’s still fit for family snuggles

Renovating a fixer upper has been one of the biggest adventures we’ve had as a couple – and we’d do it again in a heartbeat. But the thing about making over a house top to bottom? You do the things that everyone sees and uses first. Like the kitchen and dining room. Plus, you can close the door to your bedroom – who goes in there anyways? But the busier life became, the more we craved a retreat from the chaos. One that is totally ‘adult’ and a quiet place to snuggle and read. Is there any parent that doesn’t dream of those moments?

Painting our room a dark moody hue helped it feel like a completely separate space from the rest of the light grey house, but sleeping on the same bed I had in high school certainly didn’t feel like a luxury. With sharp, laminated edges and a headboard level with pillows, we were more than ready to upgrade to a bed that didn’t mean injuries for our little ones.

The Pine Ridge bed and nightstand totally transform the space to somewhere we love to be and upgrading to a king from a queen means enough room for the whole family to snuggle in the mornings (and sometimes the middle of the night). No more being squeezed off the bed by a toddler! I love that the Pine Ridge collection features a modern slate colour that is totally our style but the classic details will help it stand the test of time (and trends!). I don’t know that quality wood furniture will ever go out of style. Speaking of timeless – we also made the jump to plain white bedding. We really must be adults now!

The Simmons Beautyrest Trenton means better sleep not only because of more room but better support, BeautyCool breathability, and less transfer of movement. Just what we needed to make every minute of sleep count before baby number four joins us!

We added some DIY sophistication with mouldings and decor. I love how the moulding adds the interest of a feature wall without being too loud, and the macrame is so full of texture. True to the rest of the house, we brought Christmas cheer into the space with fresh holiday greenery and hand-lettered DIY touches. Who says Christmas needs to be red and green and sparkly all over?

Now the space is the perfect retreat for me to sneak away to during kids’ nap time to read a book in peace, for the whole family to snuggle up for Saturday morning stories, and for kids to bounce while I fold the piles of laundry we create. Plus, I’m more than happy to let guests pile coats here during parties without apologizing for the mess. After all, you can close the door to the bedroom – even when it’s as beautiful as ours.



Pine Ridge King Bed – Slate

Pine Ridge 18-inch Night Table

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