Selecting piece that can play double duty is a great idea, especially during the holiday season!  That’s exactly why we chose the Bleecker Server for our basement space.  This beautiful piece features upper drawers, which are great for storing colouring books, crayons, craft supplies and more.  So when the kids are playing in the basement and want to get crafty, everything that they need is easily accessible, but it’s also well organized.  The open shelves provide space for bins which hold smaller toys as well as books.

What we love most about having this stunning piece in our basement is that it can easily be converted into a server, which is what it was originally intended for!  The kids colouring accessories are still neatly tucked away into the drawers and then the top and shelves can be filled with all of our entertaining supplies.Our basement is a multi-purpose area and gets a lot of activity during the cold winer months.  It’s a spot for our kids to hang out with their friends, but it’s also a great room for hosting casual parties.

Choosing furniture that can have multiple roles is certainly something to be considered when you are shopping for new pieces, we all love to get the most bang for our buck!  Consider what you will be using the space for and shop with that in mind.  Keep a list handy, because we all know how overwhelming it can be when there are SO many incredible options!We knew that this server was going in the basement and that the basement wears many hats!  It’s not easy being a holder of crayons and the perfect server, unless you’re the Bleecker Server that is!  I adore the sleek design and the lacquered finish.  The neutral colour allows me to change up the decor easily and for the holidays, which is a bonus!During the holidays, we simply add some greenery and not-so-delicate holiday decor for when it’s being used as a colouring station then, we amp it up a bit more for when it’s being used a server.  The open shelves make it easy to grab what you need and to see what you have.  When prepping for a party, have everything in place prior to your guests arriving.  Platters, cake stands and trays can be used as display pieces until the delicious deserts and treats are ready to be served!  If the server isn’t being used as a server all year round (like at our house) you could even keep the toy bins and books on the open shelves and clear off the top for serving needs!

Do you host many parties during the holidays?  What are your party must haves?

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