We’re so excited to be expecting our fourth babe before the holidays and with that change, we’ve had some changes in the way we use our home. When we purchased our fixer upper, we had twins under one and hadn’t even thought of adding to our family. Now we have a fourth on the way and the same square footage to fit them all.

The new baby will take over the nursery so we chose to move all three of our kiddos into the same room. And what better excuse for a full blown room makeover than adding another kid to the mix?

The first thing we needed to do was add another bed. Do you know what that means? Bunk beds! I love that the Taylor bunk bed not only offers all the thrills of bunk beds (that top bunk is a coveted place!) but is solid wood and will last until the last one of these kids is grown. Adding a third child to the space isn’t nearly as overwhelming as we’d expected- the bunks take up no more room than the twin bed we’d had there before and the boys are excited to have a new space that’s just for the boys. Even though he’s not even two, our youngest seems like such a big boy in the bottom bunk- and he’s so proud of his new bed. I’m going to keep our last baby in a crib forever I’m pretty sure- they grow too fast and I’m not ready to move on from babies!

shared kids bedroom

shared kids bedroom

We also wanted to give our daughter a special upgrade since she’s not sharing with just one boy but two. Until now, every piece of furniture she’s had has matched her twin brother, but she was so excited to pick out her ‘fancy & soft’ Sunup headboard and bedding. Even though it’s decked out in neutral greys, the space is nothing but feminine thanks to texture and linen. She’s feeling extra pampered with a DeepSleep Ultra mattress– I love that it will grow with her and stand up to the many sleepovers that are sure to happen in this bed.

My best tips for a shared space for both boys and girls is to keep it neutral and make it ‘boyish’ or ‘girlish’ with the pattern or texture of your linens. Ruched bedding for the little lady and lumberjack inspired check for the mini men. Pom Pom pillows and unicorns for the girl and and wild animals for the boys.

I was so inspired by the Sabrina’s dressing room in Hello Sunshine- I loved how the bold green walls played as a neutral in her space and wanted to test it out in ours. The kids are in love with their new ‘jungle’.

By making their space special with furniture they helped choose and a fancy new paint colour- they are treasuring their space. As a mama, I love how that’s helped us teach clean up and caring for your things. I can’t say that came naturally before this makeover!

The kids are at the perfect age to experience the magic of Christmas, so we were excited to let that spill over into their bedroom. A mini tree with felt garland and wreath full of pom poms are just some of the holiday touches we’ve added to their space without worrying about anything breaking. That little tree will be redecorated daily until we take it down I’m sure- it’s their most prized possession.



Taylor Twin Bunk Bed – Golden Oak

Sunup Twin Headboard – Charcoal

Simmons DeepSleep Ultra Jenna II Firm Twin Mattress and Boxspring Set

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