One of the very best parenting decisions I’ve made is organizing a shared bedroom for my two daughters. They are close in age and putting them in one room, even though it’s a very small one, has influenced our everyday life in so many positive ways. From their sisterly bond to their bedtime routine, a shared bedroom has made all of these experiences better. How, you wonder?

  1. Their Relationship: Because the girls share a bedroom together, they see each other first thing in the morning and right before falling asleep. They have their own uninterrupted moments of laughter, intimacy and memory-making. They’ve learned how to share with one another, and how to clean together. And they know that if they wake up at night because of an underneath-the-bed monster, they are never alone!


  1. Bedtime Routine: I’ll snuggle up in one of their Sweetdreams Twin beds and read and sing a lullaby to both girls at the same time, and then close the light only once. Having two kids in one room has cut the process of putting them to sleep in half, and now I can enjoy some me-time too!


  1. The Art of Organizing: Since they share one small room, the girls have learned to always put their bedroom toys in their place – baskets underneath the beds –  and to make their beds everyday. But they don’t often need a reminder; with pretty beds like these, it’s almost a pleasure!


  1. Respect and Empathy: The girls now understand how important it is not to disturb someone who’s sick and asleep right next to them, and also how to wake someone up with a smile on their face!

I believe the overall design of the girls’ room is what’s made this all work. The sense of calm they feel in their bedroom is a result of a design that is both functional and pretty, without being over-stimulating. It’s why I decided to go for all white Sweetdreams line of furniture that will grow with my girls and their changing personalities and interests. The twin beds we chose are big enough for a teen to sleep in, and comfortable enough to snuggle and read books together. The Simmons mattresses are super comfortable and provide a good quality sleep for their young minds and bodies.

By going with all white furniture, I can easily change accessories like pillows, prints and toys to give an all new vibe to their room. And once my daughters grow out of that stage of wanting all the same things, it’ll be easy to highlight their own tastes and interests by adding more personalized objects and bedding. I know the quality and versatility of the furniture we chose will help it last for years to come.

Without doubt, a shared space has helped my girls be the best friends they are today.



Sweet Dreams Twin Bed White

Sweet Dreams Night Table White

Sweet Dreams Chest White

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