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I am over the moon to share the big reveal of #ProjectParentReno. Last year was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for my family: in the summer of 2015 my dad got into a severe bike accident that shook our whole family. He walked away from the accident with minor injuries (a broken ankle and a heck of a lot of road rash), and we felt very very lucky. But after a year of recovery, last November he suffered a stroke.

My parents are the two most incredible people in my life and I would do anything to make their lives easier and more comfortable, so this year I wanted to give back to them in a way would help improve their overall wellbeing. Sleep problems can be common after a stroke (and poor sleep can hinder recovery times) so it made the most sense to make an impact where it mattered the most: their master bedroom. So began the journey to transforming their master bedroom from a ho-hum space into a comfortable place where they could get the necessary rest and relaxation they needed.

Before, my parents’ bedroom was a far cry from a retreat. My parents rarely offer themselves the same care and attention they do others, so their room went neglected. Royal blue carpet adorned the floors and black “leftover material” curtains hung across the window. The bedframe was a hand-me-down alongside every other furniture item in the room. More than anything, the room lacked any real design or theme, so I couldn’t wait to roll up my sleeves and give this room a top-to-bottom makeover.

With a little elbow grease, help from my friends Bethany and Art, and a whole lot of heart, we transformed my parent’s ho-hum bedroom into a beautiful and relaxing haven. With mixed metals to appeal to my biker dad and tons of eclectic touches for my mom, their master bedroom goes beyond a design updateit offers them an escape and fosters their wellbeing. The Pineridge Bed adds some farmhouse flair, the Calvin End Tables add some edge and the Simmons Paradise Plush mattress is (quite literally) dreamy! 

The closet was a bit of a funny story. Originally- I had no plans to do anything with the closet. After installing the *incredible* custom herringbone barn door that Art built- I realized I had no space for the long Pineridge dresser I had planned to put along that wall. Some quick problem solving resulted in a fantastic idea- renovate the closet and put a Finely Dresser inside. The Finley Dresser is actually from the baby section, but with it’s clean lines and mid century shape I was drawn to it. Take the change table off the top and you’ve got yourself a great sophisticated dresser. Not to mention it was the PERFECT size and turned the closet into a unique and thoughful little dressing space for my Mom. Always keeping Dad in mind- I painted the entire inside of the closet Benjamin Moore’s Citrus Orange, because, Harley. To make Mom’s side of the closet a bit more customized and feminine, I took some insider tips from Bethany and hand painted a floral pattern I created using hand drawn bristol board templates and sample size paint pots from Benjamin Moore.

The makeover was a complete surprise to my parents who were kicked out of the room for a few months as I traveled back and forth from my apartment to work on it over the weekends, and I’m so happy that they love it so much! (You can catch the grand reveal in our upcoming web series- spoiler alert- we may all cry!) I truly feel so fortunate to have been able to give them a space they’ll cherish for years to come. Love you Mom and Dad!



Simmons Paradise Plush Mattress

The Pineridge Bed

Calvin End Table

The Finley Dresser (Also available in white.)

Tibet 8×11″ Rug

Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy

Benjamin Moore’s White Dove

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