Believe it or not, my bedroom has seen worse days.

When I first moved in to my home, my tiny bedroom was covered floor to ceiling in layers upon layers of wallpaper. Below is a photo I took when I first bought the home in late 2013 in all of its wallpaper and wood trim glory! Quite the sight for sore eyes — but it had potential. I fell in love with my humble home after seeing the large window, hard-wood floors and original plaster walls and ceiling. There was a glorious bedroom to be had with some work!

Although my current bedding may be old and worn, my storage nonexistent, and the decor, barely there, removing the wallpaper, painting the walls and wood trim and hanging new blinds was a feat in itself.

I was proud to see my bedroom transform to this state. The photos of my room in its current state below were once my successful ‘after’ photos. Now over a year since the first face-lift, it’s time my bedroom gets a true grown-up makeover. To start, let me walk you through my current issues and how I plan to solve them:

The Issues (and Icky)

First and foremost, I lacking storage. We have one tiny closet between my partner Shawn and I, a tiny nightstand with little to no storage, and one small dresser. Finding a storage solution that fits in the space and looks good is of the utmost importance for my makeover.

Second, the bedroom is lacking life! As much as I adore my rich navy walls, overall, everything is far too dark and gloomy. The rug is an industrial one I picked up at an auction, the bedding equally as bland, and the bed is blah in black. There’s also no decor other than an off-centre brass mirror and brass vintage lamp. Both of which I’ll try to incorporate into my new design. I’d like to liven up the space with art on the walls, lots of decor items, plants and a full-length mirror (which I don’t have, so getting dressed in the morning is a guessing game)!

Lastly, I’d like the room to function better and feel like what a bedroom is supposed to feel like: a relaxing space! I’d love to add a lot of fun throw pillows, comfortable sheets and find a luxe, comfortable rug.

My Mood Board

After browsing through Instagram, pinning photos on Pinterest (the Hello Yellow board is awesome!) and combing through Leon’s website, I threw together a mood board for my bedroom with the Leon’s furniture and style ideas I gathered:

Though storage is the name of the game, in my research and planning, I found that most full-sized adult bedroom sets wouldn’t fit in my room. My bedroom is just shy of 11′ x 13′, and after much frustration over finding collections I loved only to discover they wouldn’t fit. I was smitten to find the Desert Oak collection (which happens to be a kid’s bedroom set, believe it or not)! This was the only set that would allow me room to fit a night-table, dresser and a tall chest! Anyone who knows me knows I don’t really love purchasing sets, I prefer a mis-matched approach to design, so I opted for a mirror and bed that were not in the collection: a gorgeous Elizabeth standing mirror and Vespa Queen Bed which has slide-out storage underneath.

To introduce some lightness and softness, I chose Leon’s Edessa white shag rug along with Leon’s white porcelain-esque deer head wall hanging to pop against my dark navy walls, and had a blast walking through their showroom, picking out decor items such as a brass lamp, gold enamel foot stool and a feather-print umbrella stand and bowl set which would become catch-alls. On top of this, I plan to supplement my existing decor by introducing more warm metals and plants (particularly ones that purify the air, for an added bonus). Wish me luck!

*Look out for my next post showing more behind-the-scenes of my process and progress.

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