What’s that?!  You’ve been given a piece of furniture or a decorative item that used to belong to your grandparents, then your parents, and now you?  What to do with it, you ask?  Don’t you fret!  I have some tips on how to incorporate inherited pieces into your decor!
I have to admit that I absolutely love inherited pieces, but I totally agree that sometimes it can be hard to know what exactly you should do with this piece that you don’t necessarily need.  A little creativity and you’ll be on your way!
I was happy as anything when I found out that we were able to have the stunning red lacquered table that used to belong to my husband’s parents and before that, his grandparents.  Oh the stories that this gorgeous piece could tell!  I adored the shade of red and the chips in the paint (character!) so we kept it as is.  The table is now a desk in our 9 year old son’s room.  The tabletop is the perfect work surface for him to draw, build lego or do homework.  Though we didn’t use paint to update the piece, what we did do, was repurpose it.  That’s right, use it for something that it wasn’t exactly intended for!
Another example is this plant box, which was a thrifted find.  It’s missing a couple of the brass legs cups, but that’s okay with me.  We placed a plastic garbage bin inside of it and nestled the thrifted find beneath my son’s desk.  It’s a great way to add some warmth to his room and to make his garbage bin look a little more appealing.
Though not entirely inherited, the globe and reading chair are both pieces that my husband had in his room when he was younger and they help to finish off this space perfectly!  A light grey blanket draped over the back of the chair, helps to keep the corner from being too dark.
I’m a huge fan of mixing styles, if the piece you’ve inherited doesn’t exactly go with the rest of your room, find a way to make it tie in.  New hardware, a fresh coat of paint or new fabric are easy ways to do this.  Mixing old and new pieces is a great way to cozy up a room and to keep it from feeling “cold”.  The bed and dresser in my son’s room aren’t vintage, but they work the with vintage pieces since we carried the colour palette throughout the room and added some wood toned frames, to tie everything together.
Vintage silver sugar bowls or creamers can make great planters, crystal glasses are stunning organizers for straws or vases for fresh cut flowers.  Your grandfathers crystal ashtray can be a gorgeous place to store your favourite rings.  That baseball bat that has so much history and that you don’t want use in fear of it breaking?  Hang it on the wall!  Use it as a piece of art.  Think outside of the box and in no time, you’ll have many uses for these new additions to your home!
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