Like most homes, the living room is the hub of our house. It’s always full of family, friends, and probably kids’ toys or creations. When we bought our fixer upper three years ago, we were so excited to trade up from an apartment to a home where we could host – and this space gets a workout doing just that. Hardly a day goes by each week without guests coming and going – and that’s the way we love it.

Until recently, we’ve almost exclusively furnished our home with hand-me-downs. And while they’ve been some of the best hand-me-downs out there, it was such a fun experience to choose furniture that truly reflected our style and the way our family uses the space.

We picked our furniture with that in mind. It had to be hard working, welcoming, and totally comfy. Furniture isn’t just for sitting on in this house; it’s for fort building, superhero launching, and dog piles. The cozy Downtown Sectional gave us extra seating for guests and plenty of room for snuggling at story time. I love how it transforms into the coziest Christmas corner with just a few throw pillows. Can you guess which spot is always the first to be scooped?

We stuck with neutrals (I’m addicted to grey and I’m not even going to deny it) and added pattern and colour with pillows and seasonal decor that’s easy to swap out. Even though it’s all the same colour, the different textures and shapes of the Jango chairs keep the room feeling fresh and not too matchy. Ever since we started dreaming of what this space could be, I’ve wanted chairs instead of a sofa to complete the room and open up sight lines to the kitchen.

The Berkley Coffee Table and Flow End Tables finish off the space with a bit of mixing and matching. I love that there’s space to tuck baskets underneath for extra storage. We like to keep surfaces mostly clear of decor so that a zoo can be set up on one table and a tea party on another. Life’s too short to be worrying about glass trinkets and heirloom Christmas decorations being broken. We save those items for our mantle.

As a work-at-home mom of three kids under the age of four, I’m finding it harder and harder to sneak down to my desk in the basement to get any work done. The Marcel desk and Sunshine chair offer all the function of my office but is so much more stylish for a living space (hello no bulky office chair!). They are beautiful pieces of furniture that belong in a living space – not tucked away in a dark office. I love that I can sit down to answer a few emails while the kids are busy without leaving them alone.

I love decorating for Christmas with our kids. It’s a whole new kind of magic. Before they entered our lives, there were treasured decorations on every surface and the tree sparkled with glass ornaments. Now? We love to bring the holiday cheer in with pieces that aren’t too precious to be admired by little hands. Soft throw pillows that we can toss in the wash, wooden and handmade ornaments and garlands, and heaps of fresh greenery that can be replaced are some of our go-to picks.



Downtown 2-Piece Left-Facing Sectional – Grey

Berkley Coffee Table – Walnut

Marcel Computer Desk – White *Online Only

Sunshine Chair – Grey

Jango Chair – Taupe

Flow Side Table

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