When I think about celebrating the holidays I think about opening our home to our friends and family. I think about piling platters full of festive sugar cookies with sparkly red sprinkles, gingerbread men with shiny round candy buttons and shortbread with thumbprints dead center in the middle of them, filled to overflowing with Mama’s home made jam. And of course I think of the long awaited, traditional, family friendly punch we mix up in mere moments of hearing a rap-tap-tap on the door, the one that proceeds our guests.

So next time you mix up a batch of your famous cookies and store them away in your freezer until guests arrive, think also about making room in your freezer for what has turned out to be an easy way to wow your guests and dress up your punch bowl!

For this festive drink hack all you’ll need is a few ingredients and five minutes flat to have the prettiest addition to your holiday party. 
Simply dust off your prettiest bund pan and fill it with juice. Next you’ll add fruit of your choice. And lastly you’ll freeze your festive ice wreath until your ready to party!

This idea is great for any time of year and trumps traditional ice cubes any day! You wont worry about sparkly bubbling punch getting diluted by a bag of boring ice cubes. Instead you’ll be happily surprised that your festive drink tastes good even after your guests leave!

Make this anytime of year for your parties or gathering by adding fruit and juice that matches the season you’ll be presenting it in. But when the holiday parties start happening take the opportunity to create a faux holly wreathe! To make your ice cube wreath extra festive add cranberries to your juice so they can resemble holly and parsley leaves to mimic the greenery of a wreathe. Add a few sliced oranges for colour variety. To make this drink spill proof choose a white cranberry juice as your wreath’s base that wont leave spill marks behind or around your home. Now that you have taken the guess work out of party planning, its time to pick a date! When are you swinging open your doors to all your favorites? And please, do share, what kind of holiday cookies go best with pretty punch?

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