When we were looking to buy a home almost three years ago, I was always started the visits by going into the backyard. I wanted a space big enough to play with my kids, to entertain and to unwind after a busy day. I was imagining a spacious patio where I could fit our big extended family, where my daughters could read in the shade and where I could keep lots of potted herbs and flowers. Because for me summer is for outdoor living, for breathing the fresh air and for reconnecting with kids while playing in the sun.But nothing is perfect, and so the home that we had set our hearts on didn’t have a big patio, and we’ve learned to live with that. My hubby had made a set of outdoor pallets sofas, that where fine for the first year, and I learned how not to kill the potted herbs.

But after two years in our home, it was time for changes. The patio was really old, our DIY sofas where rotting, and our old little table was all rusty.

We needed more space for our summer lifestyle, and furniture that would finally fit our needs.So thirst thing that I got was this gorgeous outdoor sectional sofa from Leon’s. Its been a long time since I wanted a real outdoor sofa, a place for lounging and enjoying the cold lemonade with my kids (without worrying that they’ll scratch themselves with a piece of rough wood, like I did with our old ones!)Our new sofa is big enough to fit us all for the after dinner cuddles, and its comfortable enough for an afternoon outdoor nap. It has a pouf that can either serve as a coffee table or can extend the already big sofa. If you ask me, a sofa isn’t complete without a set of pillows, so I got these blue outdoor pillows too, and I think they are a perfect for mixing and matching with patterns and prints. This sofa has became my daughters favorite place to read books before dinner, and it’s my happy place in the evening once the kids are asleep.Also, we replaced our old rusty table and our old uncomfortable chairs with this lovely round rattan dining set! We finally have comfortable outdoor chairs, perfect for sipping wine and talking with friends for hours while the kiddos play in the garden!My patio has definitely become my happy place with the furniture that is solid enough  for my kids to jump on, and so pretty to make my soul happy.

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