Small children have this uncanny way of just always being there. You know what I mean right? Like when you have just closed the bathroom door or when you have just closed your eyes, or when you have just started to wrap their Christmas gifts.  They can sense you are alone, that you may perhaps need privacy and they consider their options. Barge in to that moment asking for something, or barge into that moment asking for two things. Shirt optional.

If you’ve ever been surprised mid gift wrapping session by a little one with adorable bed head but who now knows that you did in fact buy them that gift they had begged for 6 months ago, you know the disappointment you feel. Your surprise is ruined and your little one wants the gift. Right. Now.

I cannot help you with the door busting or those times when they need water, another story, a bathroom break, a snack and another smooch when you are just drifting off to sleep, but I can show you the easiest way to avoid those little darlings discovering their Christmas gifts early again this year!

Introducing a portable gift wrapping station!

The best part about creating a portable gift wrapping station is that you can carry it easily from room to room and quickly wrap a gift without the children even realizing you have stepped away from “the Miracle on 34th street”, but also, you will never have to search for tape or locate a lost pair of scissors again.A portable gift wrapping station will keep your gift wrap and accessories neatly organized along with utilizing something you probably wont be using much of during the cold Canadian winter months.

Simply locate an old picnic basket and give it a coat of color of your choosing. Next, fill it up with all the festive wrap, bows, cards and sticky tape it can hold. That’s it! That’s a wrap! 😉Stand back and take in your portable gift wrapping station in all of it’s festive glory. You will now know if you need to replenish your festive gift wrap or bring home more scotch tape, because everything is right there in one place. You’ll be able to spend your time enjoying the holidays with the ones you love and less time searching for all the things you need in order to get your gifts wrapped. Take your portable gift wrapping station from room to room or wherever your children are not for easy wrapping!Get ready to relish in the excitement on your children’s faces this year as they rip open that first doll or the remote control car or the easy bake oven they have been begging for. Catch that moment of shock and joy with the snap of your camera instead of them catching you wrapping up that beloved weeks before the big day.

Go ahead and snap that picture, print it out and secure it forever in their memory book to look back on for years to come. You’ll be glad you went ahead and tried your hand at this easy organizing hack. So glad in fact that you can now scratch off “get organized” of your new year’s resolution list. You already did it!

What are some things you would include in your gift wrapping station? Are you a paper and tape gift wrap kind of person or a tissue paper and bag kind of wrapper?

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