Living in a small home means that every space has a secret second function: our dining room table doubles as my work & craft space, the living room serves as a laundry folding room, and the the kids’ playroom performs double-duty as a guest room.

Like many Canadian families, several of our relatives live in different cities and provinces and nearly every month there’s someone sleep over in our home. The only spare room with a door – to give the illusion of privacy in our tiny home! – is the playroom.

Now, we also have two daughters, Lili and Rose, and between them a lot of toys. It doesn’t help that they like different types of play: one is into tiny figurines and their corresponding accessories and the other prefers big baby dolls and playing house. Together though, they make a colossal mess when they play!

Since the playroom is the only room in our home where we can invite guests to sleep, I needed this small space to work for both adult guests and the small regulars – my kids.

The first issue to tackle was the sleeper sofa: it needed to comfortably sleep two adults while also not overwhelming the space like our previous sleeper. Next up, I needed something other than old plastic bins to organize my daughter Lili’s many tiny figurines. Since she also recently started school, the playroom also needed to house a desk for both homework and her many craft projects. Finally, the room needed a coat of fresh paint since Rose had joyfully “painted” over the walls… several times.

Our solution? We let go of our old toy storage and the too-big sleeper sofa, and welcomed the Sonah sofa bed and Zoe bookcase. The Sonah bed is just the right size for the room, is super comfortable, and let’s my guests feel welcome and rested. When we don’t have any guests, it’s the perfect spot for the girls to play with baby dolls and read long fairy tales.

I love how the Zoe bookcase has smaller and bigger shelves; one day it could be styled with books and accessories, but for now it’s the perfect home for all the tiny dolls and figurines.

The addition of the Sweetdreams desk has made my daughter feel so grown-up and happy; she now has her own space for painting, drawing, and doing homework.

I can’t think of a better time to test out our playroom turned guest room than over the holidays. I know that this season our guests will feel extra special!




Sonah Full Sofabed

Sweet Dreams Desk in White

Zoe Bookcase

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