Where there’s more slumber parties than shut-eye and life is always in bloom.

As our middle child—and the only girl—my husband and I jokingly refer to our daughter as “a rose between two thorns.” The thorns being her brothers, and the joke, of course, being delivered with a wink and a nudge. When we stop to think about it, this might explain why she’s grown up to be equal parts strong-willed and floral obsessed.

She may only be eight years-old, but she’s a girl who has always known what she’s wanted. And while her decisiveness made parenting a breeze, it’s made designing her new bedroom a far more complicated matter.

Like many girls her age, she likes anything pink and frilly, but in tagging along with me to thrift stores and watching me paint my finds neutral, I think I’ve inspired her appetite for a good helping of white, too. Design aside, one thing we could all agree on was that she needed more space—and that her said space would be covered in blooms!

Not only was increasing the size of her bedroom a great decision as she stretches and sprouts into a young lady, but in the here and now, she dreamed of using the extra space for throwing awesome slumber parties!

When it came time to choose furniture, she pleaded for a double bed—one that could host all of her gal pals as they giggled into the night, sleepy-eyed and starry-eyed. We opted for the beautiful Amber full size bed which offers plenty of pull-out storage beneath. As a family of five living in an older home with limited storage, having extra organization is a dream come true and the design was exactly what we were looking for! To finish off her bed fit for a princess, we chose the comfy and cozy Simmons Grande Luxe Plush mattress. We actually originally also got a boxspring, but the way this bed is built you don’t even need one! Her new mattress provides both comfort for sleeping and support for dance parties, and all the innovative bells and whistles to keep her cool and dry all night long.

And finally, to fulfill our little girl’s dreams, we designated a small corner of the room to give her a creation station for DIY artwork and crafts. Working with a small footprint, the Capri Table allows her a good-sized creation station without the visual heaviness of a more traditional desk. Now, rather than scattering her art supplies around the house, she has a home for her markers, crayons and stacks of drawings. And as a girl who loves sneaking her Mama’s makeup, this desk will grow with her well into her teenage years! To finish it off, we paired her new desk with a vintage chair and added extra storage in the form of the Windchester Chest. With a classic shape, it boasts dovetailed drawers and a timeless, antique finish.

I believe that the best rooms are those that are curated over time. With versatile pieces like these, I imagine her new bedroom furniture will accompany our beautiful “rose” through the years as she blooms into the young woman she is meant to be. Oh, they grow up so fast!



Amber full size bed

Simmons Grande Luxe Plush mattress

Windchester Chest


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