Mood boards are the best. They just gather all your ideas into one spot, and let you loosely play with decor and colour themes as you hunt down the furniture and accents. And for that reason, a baby’s room mood board – like this orange nursery mood board – is the best place to start when planning a room for the arrival of a little one.

The first thing you need to think about is colour. You can go the typical blue or pink. But with the trend of gender surprise reveals, many new parents are opting for neutral tones. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have opted for a gender neutral nursery.

So baby furniture, from cribs to dressers and rockers, is trending in the grey. But you can still add some colour to the mix. Our pick – orange.

Orange Nursery Mood Board

What fun is a grey and white baby’s room mood board? Kids are all about play and being expressive. And while grey is lovely and likely goes seamlessly with the rest of your home decor, why not inject a bit of colour with an orange nursery mood board.

Pantone’s Colour for 2019 is Living Coral – a warm pinkish orange. We took hint from that, and got a bit more youthful with a fruitier shade of orange.

And, It All Comes Together

This colour anchors the look of the room. Those orange hits the walls and the rug – and even a sweet little accent chair – ties it nicely together. Classic silhouettes and graphic patterns and prints work with such a bright hue, with a balanced approach to decor that is both child-friendly and will also grow with them too.

For more unexpected by very creative nursery and baby’s room ideas, follow Hello Yellow on Pinterest, especially the Hello Nursery board.

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