Happy Holidays Hello Yellow Readers!

When it comes to anything in the kitchen, for me.. Simple is best. If a recipe has three steps or less- COUNT ME IN. After several Pinterest searches I was finally inspired to create these waffle cone Christmas trees- aren’t they the cutest? A great conversation starter, these Christmas tree “cookies” might make you pretty popular at your next holiday party!

  • Icing (I bought Vanilla and added green food colouring!) – If you’re a pro in the kitchen you can definitely create your own icing!
  • Ice cream cones or sugar cones
  • Delicious decorative candy
  • Icing sugar for added “snow” effect 😉
  1. Mix up your icing! If you’re making your own, now is your time to shine. If you’re looking for a quick pain-free option- just grab a jar of icing from the grocery store. You can make your trees whatever colour you like- just add food colouring. I went with green- but you could totally go for awesome multi-coloured trees if that’s that you’re in the mood for!
  2. Evenly spread your icing on the outside of your cones. You can even swirl it a little bit to give your trees some foresty-like texture. I just put the cone on my finger and then spread around. It can be a bit messy, but that is half the fun.
  3. Time to channel your inner bedazzler and get to work! You can use any candy you like for this part. I wanted mine to resemble Christmas bulbs so I went with round “celebration pearls” I picked up at a local party shop.
  4. If you have these guys on a snack table at a party you can sprinkle some icing sugar on top to give it that snowy effect. That’s it! You are a now Christmas tree cookie master and all the party attendees are going to love you.
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