When I think of messes, I think of our daughter’s bedroom. You can guarantee that her floor will be littered with everything and anything and of course teeny tiny pain inducing Barbie heels that make me cringe. However, she’s petite, adorable and a diehard Daddy’s girl, so more often than not, her bedroom looks destroyed and we don’t really say too much until the Barbie heel inevitably strikes again.

We have tried everything to encourage her to clean up through the years but nothing has ever worked. That is until we met our new Dyson V8 Absolute. From the compact box it arrived in, to the way it can easily be maneuvered, we have been in shock over how small and powerful it is. It reminds me of a particular pig tailed girl I know who has suddenly shown interest in the new Dyson that is as small and mighty as she is.

Not only is it compact, lightweight, cordless and maneuverable for our many house hold needs, it also has an attachment for every type of surface we may want to clean. Which, in a home where renovations, pets and kids are everywhere, it is greatly appreciated. Cat hair beware, the hepa filter within the Dyson is guaranteed to leave our house spic and span and the air within our home clean and fresh.  Dyson thought of everything when they included a wall hanger base for the vacuum so it can be installed at a height that is accessible for the whole family, as well as being easily stored, recharged and tucked away after every use. And use it has gotten!

Our little sprite of a girl doesn’t need to wrestle with a heavy clunky vacuum anymore and furthermore she actually enjoys tidying up because of the Dyson’s ease. Her cleaning motivation may also be due to the fact that she knows the Dyson’s strong suction power is guaranteed to chase out all the miniature plastic heels from their hiding spots around her room. Every mess producing little girl knows there is nothing scarier than losing one shoe for your beloved doll, and so, together, with the promise of a vacuum that will leave no corner unturned, and the ease of our new Dyson, we have eliminated every father’s worst nightmare: getting the tiny high heel in your unsuspecting heel.



Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum 

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