The mantle is an essential part of Holiday decor, with the possibilities of garlands, the warmth of a fire and a little holiday magic. I want to show you how I styled my mantle using things I already had at home to keep the tones neutral and using texture to bring up the cozy factor in the living room. Even my husband commented on how much he loved the feel of the room when he walked in, and most guys don’t notice this stuff at all!

First, let’s take a look at where this mantle started. It was nowhere near as warm and textured as it is now, and definitely needed a little more personality.

By now you’ve noticed that this isn’t a real fireplace (duh!). I pretty much just took an old mantle, added a few pieces of wood to make the whole thing a little deeper and painted it. Voila!

The very first thing I tackled here were the candles. They felt a little too low, and the whole thing needed a boost, not to mention a little more texture. You’ll notice texture is the number 1 thing I was going after here!

All of the books came either from storage or an over-packed bookcase in my office, so I had all of these amazing props already at home, and had never thought to use them in the fireplace. Such an improvement!

Next, I decided to make a tassel garland, because tassels are awesome!

I already had the yarn and the other two ‘garlands’ are trim! Why not go ahead and use pre-made garlands from past sewing projects, right?

And then there was the actual mantle top itself. I really had to keep it simple here since the TV is up there, so I used some eucalyptus, cedar and pine clippings. It smells amazing in here! The candles help to bring a focus to the center, and on either side I used cloches filled with more stuff I already had at home: pine cones and ornaments on top of more old books to connect the whole mantle together.

That pretty much does it for the mantle, but the area around it can be just as important so that the whole room feels cohesive, so I used pine, cedar and eucalyptus again on either side.

You’ll also see books, candles and hints of gold repeat themselves around the room, so the Holiday decor feels like it belongs there all year round!

On the other side of the mantle there’s a small cedar with some DIY air-dry clay ornaments in a vintage gold container Beneath it, rather than a tree skirt, I used a faux sheepskin rug to up the cozy factor and hold some presents!

I love that the colours of the room (like black and white) are incorporated into the Holiday decor because it makes the whole thing feel a lot less fussy and temporary. It’s like all of these things belong together all the time.

The room got so cozy that someone decided to come take a nap on our super comfortable New York Sofa

Holiday decor is a very personal thing, but I love that each year we get to try something new, stick to some old faithful tricks, and create a whole new environment for the living room! How do you choose your Holiday mantle decor? Tell me in the comments below!

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