Oscars 2018 white trend mood board

Bringing Hollywood to the home

The Oscars are the ultimate level of glam. So it makes sense that this week’s Instagram Mood Board touch on the trends that make the Academy Awards not just a must-watch, but a source for trend hunting, too.

This year the looks were very Hollywood. Proving that white isn’t just for weddings, Mary J. Blige, Jane Fonda and Margot Robbie showed us that white looks bring elegance and comfort to your sense of personal style. We love that they paired white with silver accents too. And that is a styling trick we will use in our living room too, with a lamp and throw pillows. The other appealing thing about white (which most brides already know about) is how clean the lines can be which isn’t just flattering but also eye-catching, like with this striking coffee table and perfect chair.

Oscars gold mood board

Award-winning golden touches

There is not a part of the Oscars that is not gilded, from the statuettes to the starlets’ necks to the glittering stage lights. While Lupita Nyong’o and Jennifer Lawrence can glam up gold head-to-toe, the key with golden touches in the home is to use it like you would wear jewelry. Use gold as a finishing touch in home accessories to avoid a overdone, gaudy look. These feminine but dainty pieces (art deco sofa table, French lamé wall art and gold-tone studded ottoman) work perfectly to achieve that.

red carpet mood board

Rolling out the Oscars’ red carpet

Allison Janney didn’t just win an award, she won the red carpet too. That red dress shows the power that this bold colour has. So, not all homes can handle the stylish impact that red can make. But if you know your décor stuff, then you know that red not only makes a statement but it also adds warmth. That’s why we like red on comfortable pieces in the home, like a rug or leather sofa, or even on a red wine wall hanging. The copper speakers just bring the whole room together and will make your movies sound amazing.

Find inspiration in Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for your next décor project, too.

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