Mid Century Modern With Truly Modern Touches

mid century modern mood board

Mid Century Modern With A Modern Twist

The past is having a moment right now. Mid century modern décor style is on everyone’s mood board, including our own! It’s a clean look that’s not only on décor trend reports, any home worth covering nowadays has that cool history feel (whether it’s for a makeover or real estate). And with the sale of The Brady Bunch house to HGTV the style is now solidified with a Hello Yellow mood board.

What exactly is mid century modern?

Mid century modern is a very distinguishable style. You’ll know it when you see it. But for a text book definition, it’s all about the functional look and simplicity: “A style of design (as in architecture and furniture) of roughly the 1930s through the mid-1960s characterized especially by clean lines, organic and streamlined forms, and lack of embellishment.” If you haven’t seen this when you were growing up (or at your grandparent’s home), just think about the sets for The Incredibles, Mad Men and A Man Called U.N.C.L.E.

Looking back, styling forward

The thing about trends (whether it’s fashion or furniture) is that nothing ever comes back exactly as it once was. We hope to have learned a few lessons. First, mid century modern decor isn’t exactly the coziest style. You and your Lulus would have a hard time sprawling out on the couch with the whole fam, watching Netflix. So today’s take on the trend has a comfortable twist, which you can see in the above mid century modern mood board.

Rounded edges take the edge of arms and legs, and fabrics are much more technical than they were in the past. And colours aren’t just earthy – they’re warm with a bit of a bite. Textures are there, but they’re not in your face. It’s not just about the feel that a room gives you – it’s about how you feel in the room, too.

Adding mid century modern touches to your home

Looking to add some key mid century modern pieces to your home isn’t daunting. Thankfully the clean lines and subtle features allow if any room to be transitioned back to the 30s/60s. Here are some things to consider.

• Add a pop of colour with a vibrant sofa or chair (Cobra Sofa and Julian Chair shown.)

• Have fun with a pattern by choosing a rug that complements the walls and floor. (This Maroq Rug is just perfect.)

• Get creative with furniture placement, like we did with the above end table used as a night table. (The Mid-Century isn’t available online, but can be found in store.)

• Mid century modern tends to be simple, so let your accessories add the texture you crave. (The Sparrow Mirror gets its look from thick, grained wood.)

• Lighten up the place with a glass coffee table. The transparency opens up the airiness of a room. (The kidney shape of the Nico Coffee Table is groovy.)