You’ve finally found the furniture you love. But are you sure they will make it through the door? Following this measuring checklist will help make sure your items can be moved into your home.

  1. Know the measurements of your new furniture, including the height A, width B, depth C and diagonal height D.
  2. Plan the route for getting the furniture into place. Then you will need to measure the height E and width F of all of the doorways and hallways. Be sure to include the diagonal height G in case an item needs to be angled in. Ensure measurements in Step one are smaller than those in Step two.
  3. Entry clearance H is also important. Be sure to measure the distance from the wall through the entranceway to the opposite wall.
  4. Also consider ceiling heights and stairway widths and heights to ensure furniture can be manoeuvred at the top of the stairs into the room.
  5. Determine if banisters and hanging fixtures will block the delivery. Check the height and width of the elevator; include the diagonal height, in case an item needs to be angled in.

Moving is hard enough. Renos are hard too. So make it easy on yourself with these tips, and your furniture will fit right in place – and get through the door!

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