Stunning Before & After Master Bedroom Makeover

We fell in love with our home because of all the natural light that poured into each and every room, especially our master bedroom. After updating our bedroom back in 2012 (before pictures here), it was great for those first few years but after awhile our room was beginning to feel dark and gloomy, our blinds were always shut and the same old expresso finish furniture became boring as my interior style grew and evolved.  

Since the main level of our home is very light with lots of natural textures and colours, I wanted to carry that theme up to our bedroom leaving our home feeling cohesive and refreshing. I’m a sucker for bright and airy spaces and with the three large windows in our bedroom, I needed to do something to emphasize the beauty of this space. It was time for a change! Our bedroom is a major hang out space in our house- so when I made my plans I had to definitely consider how it functioned first and foremost, over how it looked.I imagined our bedroom to feel light and airy with lighter walls, comforting and minimal, and a place to go and read a book while sipping on my tea. I wanted this room to feel like I was escaping to an oasis within our home, clutter free, toy free and just a place to clear my mind. Speaking of that, our bedroom is the place where Brent and I share all of our deepest conversations at the end of the day. It’s the spot where we dream of our future and talk about the difficult parts of life we are trying to rise through. This is a space which holds a lot of happiness along with sadness, it’s a place where we feel safe and at peace.  Since it was out with the old and in with the new, we decided it was also time to upgrade our mattress. Testing and picking out a new mattress has got to be one of the most fun things to do. This was my husband’s kind of shopping ;). And after lots of laying, rolling, and the kids sneaking in a few jumps, we decided to go with Simmons Paradise Plush mattress set.

Beautyrest is EXCLUSIVE to Leon’s, made in Canada and there’s even a 10 year warranty! Besides all of this bonus information, comfort is always number one for us. Brent and I both love super soft and plush mattresses so it was an easy choice. The Paradise is a “Beautyrest recharge” which is designed to recharge your body when you sleep so you wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the day… perfect for conquering days spent chasing the kids around *wink wink. The pocket coils also provide motion separation so Brent wont bug me while he’s moving around during the night- he’s a big guy so this was a BIG deal. Jack can also testify… it‘s 100% jump worthy!We couldn’t be happier with the way our bedroom turned out! This space really defines our family, a bunch of lighthearted, country folk, who like to keep things simple… after all we have two crazy little fellas who like to flip our house upside down from time to time! By bringing some rustic and natural elements into our bedroom, it really makes us happy and it reminds me of my family farm, surrounded by lots of barn board, animals and nature. I also love the black and white photos of the boys above our bed because it reminds me of how much the boys love summer and all of our sweet adventures together. The Lemon Stamp Art Print that Jack and Max created for our little corner makes me smile every time I look at it, those boys love lemonade!

Our bedroom really is the hangout place in the AM/PM with the little guys snuggled in watching Youtube videos or acting like little monkeys jumping on the bed. It’s also where Brent, the boys and I rest in comfort when sick. Even though most of the time our bedroom is a mess, sometimes the bed doesn’t even get made up because you know, life gets in the way. There’s always toys and pillow pile ups crowding the floor as the boys are busy building forts! Our bedroom means much more to us then just an average bedroom, it’s the comfort zone of our home, it brings us together as a family, it’s our cozy place where we share stories and talk about our day. This room holds so much meaning especially during the early years of raising two boys. When they were babies, I cradled them in our bed, now I still hold them close and cuddle them during those rough nights. I find that the best part about watching your family grow, is seeing how a room evolves with them! Once upon a time we had a bassinet at the end of our bed, I had a baby monitor on my night stand and a baby bouncer on the floor. Now I have two boys using our bed as a hideout where they spend their quiet time watching movies, reading stories and driving tractors around the edge of the bed. What I find that is most important, is through these walls we hold such sentimental moments; even when we change the “exterior parts” we still feel all kinds of emotions experienced within this room.  

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