Welcome to our newly decorated master bedroom! After many years of patiently waiting for the perfect time to makeover our master bedroom, the day has finally arrived and we couldn’t be any more excited! When quiet time is calling, or when we need to have a conversation that we’d rather not have in front of the kids (i.e., do you think that Santa is going to bring R the bike?), our bedroom is now our go-to and we LOVE that!

Our primary goal for this makeover was to make better use of the space and we definitely wanted it to be a room that we would love for years to come.  The plan was to create a retreat, a room that brings a smile to your face, a room that encompasses coziness and warmth and that wraps it’s arms around you after a long day, not just a place to sleep. Prior to the makeover our bedroom was a combination of mismatched furniture from when we first moved out (it had served it’s purpose, but it was definitely time for an upgrade) and a mattress that left us waking up in the morning with the achiest backs!  Can you relate?The first thing that we looked for was furniture, of course!  We typically gravitate towards dark tone wood finishes, the Noah set captured our attention immediately.  The wood grain detail on the headboard and grandeur of the side tables were exactly what we were looking for.  We went from having an assortment of furniture that was not entirely functional (when you have to fight with a drawer to get it to open, you’re not exactly starting your day off on the right foot!), to a room that has furniture that completely draws you in.  I never knew how nice it was to have drawers that not only open and close smoothly, but that also provide you with enough storage space (we may or may not have a roll or two of Christmas wrapping paper hidden in there for late night wrapping sessions, but shhh, don’t give away our secret). Combining both his and hers tastes (modern & traditional) was completely doable, with very little effort thanks to the versatility of the pieces from the Wyndham set.Once we had selected the main pieces, we realized that we had enough room to create a reading nook.  Sometimes you just want to put your feet up and read a book in a cozy corner, or even to close your eyes for just 5 mins, right?  By creating a reading zone that includes a chair, small table, cozy pillows (and a blanket within reach), we now have an inviting place to curl up with a favourite book, magazine or perhaps to catch up on emails. No better way to unwind after a full day!  We also really wanted to include a dedicated space to store books, meaningful items from travels, family photos, and other items that are precious to us, so we chose to sneak a bookcase in behind the reading chair.  Bookcases are so incredibly pratical and can hold more than just books!  They are a great storage solution in any room and well, you can’t ever have enough storage!We got downright serious when it came to selecting a mattress and for good reason!  After spending far too long walking around with sore backs, it was time to seek out a mattress that would provide true comfort.  And well, you know your mattress is comfortable when you wake up in the morning and think you’re in a luxury hotel!  I kid you not, this mattress is the comfiest thing ever.  Seriously.  The. Comfiest.  We chose the React firm mattress from the incredible Tempur-Pedic line, I honestly believe that this mattress is genius.  I don’t know how, but it is.  The fact that it conforms perfectly to your body is key, because by doing that, you’re not tossing and turning and therefore you’re getting a better sleep.  Better sleep from not tossing and turning = feeling more refreshed in the morning.  And with three energetic kiddos and a busy day ahead, feeling more refreshed in the morning is pretty much priceless.  If your spouse is rolling over, don’t worry, you won’t know, because this incredible mattress is designed in a way that it reduces the motion transfer.  I mean honestly. I don’t know how this company managed to crack the code, but they have.  I’m forever thankful to them, because I’m no longer waking up feeling more exhausted than I was when I went to bed and I can actually stand up straight from the minute my feet hit the ground!During the winter months we love to add a cozy rug right beside the bed and extra fluffy throws to add warmth, the little details are so important.  We tend to tuck ourselves in earlier and spend time chatting or going through our holiday plans.  Scheduling visits, parties and of course, checking Santa’s list twice!  We are so incredibly thankful for this cozy spot, we are thankful for a good night’s sleep but most importantly, we are thankful to share the space with each other and the kiddos!  I have a feeling that the newest holiday tradition for our family will be reading Christmas books right here in our room before going to bed!

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