When two dreamers and doers marry the possibilities are endless. The sleep however is not. We have been married for eleven years and have gutted and rebuilt seven bathrooms, three basements, two kitchens, and a dozen other living spaces together.  Besides night time feedings with three babies, projects and renovations have allowed us to see 2AM multiple times a week. Sleep is an illusive thing around here. But we were finally ready to change all that!

In the past we have always begun every January trying to get more sleep. We decide that we are going to prioritize. We are definitely going to fold up the to do list and tuck it away. After that, we are going to sip camomile tea and then tuck ourselves into bed at a reasonable hour. But, like most busy parents, we would have to drink a lot of camomile tea to turn a blind eye to our master bedroom that had become the family dumping grounds. The space that somehow easily got filled up with visual noise.

When guests came to visit, we would drop off the unsightly baskets full of clean laundry no one has folded quite yet to that space. It’s also where painting projects went to dry, free from little curious hands and where things that didn’t need to be seen, got hidden. The room where the door got closed so no one really saw how unrestful the space was.

That, however has all changed. We aren’t typically a family that waits for the New Year’s eve ball to drop before making resolutions. We are doers after all.  We firmly believe in making changes that encourage peace and tranquility in a home. Which is precisely why we are renovating our new to us old house anyways, right?

In our new home we admittedly gave up indoor space for outdoor space, which means, we don’t have a giant master bedroom. But with the holidays approaching I wanted to make the best of our space and we finally wanted to be able to leave our bedroom door wide open when guests are over.So, we have recently rethought our cozy master bedroom. First we cleared out our half finished projects and dealt with the laundry piles that had accumulated. Then, suddenly, it all became clear. We couldn’t expand our actual living quarters but we could use the space we had more effectively. We could fill our space with furniture where each piece is used to it’s full capacity. We decided a complete furniture overhaul was needed.  Sleep we hear, is important after all.

We began by adding two untraditional night stands to our bedroom. They are actually tall chests called the Amber Chest and they are finished in the prettiest antique white. They have four deep drawers and offer much more space than traditional night stands. Perfect! That is JUST what our little space needed. Since we only had one television watching space in our new house, we decided to add a tv in our bedroom. Weekend cartoon marathons with the whole family? Yes please! We installed the television and then anchored the television by adding a fireplace underneath it, in the perfect location at the foot of our new Tressa King Bed. The Holt Fireplace Credenza immediately added warmth and the cozy factor to our space. We chose to add this particular fireplace to our room because it is flanked with two closed doors for extra storage. Every inch counts in a smaller master! It also gives off so much heat! I no longer need to have the dog curled up on my feet to keep them toasty. But, of course, that doesn’t keep the dog OFF the bed. And I can’t even blame her, our room is finally comfortable and full of pretty ambiance.Now that we actually want to be in this space we chose to embrace the comfiest sleep we could find with the addition of a new mattress. So, we put our projects down one afternoon and went out in the pursuit of a new bed that would entice us to sleep at a reasonable hour. Hubby and I joked about falling asleep WHILE we were testing out mattresses, because laying down, or even sitting down, is unusual when you are deep in a renovation. All the DIY-ers KNOW!We knew immediately what the right decision was for our family. As soon as we rested our weary heads on the TempurPedic embrace memory foam mattress we were smitten. This mattress felt different than any we had ever tried. We soon learned that each mattress has a Support System, which is the basis for the renowned Tempur layers which help wick heat away from the mattress. The layers contribute to the superlative mattress feel and they offer even weight distribution for proper support and an overall great night’s sleep. A great night’s sleep is something we need to continue on with momentum to finish our fixer upper. We looked at each other and knew that this mattress was the one that would beckon us to sleep and cradle our tired bodies at the end of a long day of DIY.I had always imagined a little sitting area in our master bedroom, but alas, our space is small and cozy and there is no room for chairs to live. So you can imagine our complete joy when we discovered that our mattress could be purchased with an adjustable base! Think, sitting up against a comfy memory pillow cloud, piled under a big duvet, while drinking in that new book you’ve heard such great things about. Think about snuggling up with the family, sipping tea, while the kids giggle through “Elf” for the hundredth time together.

Yes! Someone pass the maple syrup!

In the end, we knew our master bedroom would never grow bigger in size to accommodate all the half finished projects we had going on as well as a little sleeping retreat, but we knew we needed to make our space as peaceful as possible to gain the rest we desire. With the addition of some new furniture from Leon’s and the loveliest mattress we have ever seen, we were able to create the perfect space for us. We didn’t need to expand walls either, which is great when the project list keeps growing! All we had to consider was how we wanted our furniture to work for us in the space that we already had.

This bedroom is now a place of comfort. It’s now a space we want to go hang out in at the end of a long day. It’s a space that makes 2017 seem like the year where we will finally catch up on the sleep that has eluded us for years. The year of rest. Sounds good, doesn’t it?Let’s just hope that sleep doesn’t come with too many dreams though. A pair of dreamers and doers don’t need any help with that.

Would you ever use tall dressers for night stands or do you prefer traditional ones? Would you add a fireplace with closed storage like we did or would you prefer one with open shelving to display your pretty things? What about a television in the bedroom? Would you add one or is that a no-no for you guys? You know holiday movie marathons in bed is always a good idea though, don’t you?

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