When it comes to decorating your fireplace mantel, there are SO many possibilities and options to choose from, which can feel overwhelming. The solution is to narrow it down to the look that’s right for your room and that suits your taste.

I recently visited the Leon’s Trenton location and noticed that they had some fabulous gas (yes, gas!) fireplaces in their lower level (which by the way, are available to purchase in-store!) and thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to share some mantel inspiration! The best part, all of the pieces I used are right from the store. So you can re-create these exact looks if you wanted to.

Chances are that your fireplace is the focal point in your room, so we want to play it up! A gorgeous piece of art is always a great option for above the fireplace. I chose this stunning fish scale art print. The colours provide a fantastic jumping off point for the rest of your decor. It’s important to have a colour palette so that your look is cohesive. Be sure to select items that are of various heights and texture. Here’s the first look:

For the second look, I went with symmetry.  If you are nervous about styling a vignette, symmetry is always a safe bet and gives a little nod to a more traditional look as well.  In the warmer months, why not place a gorgeous plant in front of the fireplace?!  A fern is a great choice.  Though I didn’t place too many pieces on the mantel, the fact that the candlesticks are mirrored with a touch of gold, makes them showpieces and they do a lot of talking on their own.  If you don’t want a completely symmetrical look, keep the outer edges of your mantel identical and play around a little in the center.

Now, what if you don’t have a mantel?  No problem!  There are still options to create a beautifully styled look.  The stonework on this fireplace is art itself, but if you want to break up all of the stone, a piece of art will do just that.  Then we take it to the floor.  I love the idea of having benches in rooms.  They not only provide extra seating when you have company over, but they provide a space to add a little decor too.  Placing them in front of the fireplace keeps them tucked away when not in use.

Once again, I’ve got two separate looks for you!  First up, is an inviting spot to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea (or your beverage of choice) along with a treat.  Trays and benches are so versatile.  Trays can of course, help you carry in multiple items at once, but they are also a great piece to style and organize pieces.

The second look is a cozy spot to read or to simply display a few of your favourite books.  A blanket not only softens the stone, but is so inviting.  Stack some books on and/or beneath the stool.  Lovely florals and candles placed in a colourful tray finish off the look.

And lastly, have fun!  Once you have your inspiration, the sky is truly the limit!  Just remember to stick to a colour palette and to mix textures and height.  Happy styling!

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