I remember so clearly the day we found out we were having a little girl.  The joy I felt was incredible and yet at the same time, I remember the fear of not knowing how to raise a girl (we had had two boys at this point).

I was looking forward to pretty dresses, pink bows and most decorating a little girl’s room. I enjoyed that while it lasted, as I quickly learned that as children grow it’s important to allow them to express their creativity not only through they way they dress, art and in their own space.
I’m fortunate that Bella and I share similar taste in décor and is pretty easy going with my ideas, even though sometimes we have had comprise. Like the time she wanted to paint her desk with neon graffiti. She has also shown a keen interest in decorating and often times she will move her room around and rearrange her décor. When we picked the gorgeous Amber Canopy Bed, we knew we wanted to create a magical Christmas bedroom. Full of twinkly lights, soft surroundings but Bella also wanted a little bit of glitz through gold accents.

The all white space creates an ethereal feel and is reminiscent of a beautiful white Christmas. Soft touches of blush pink and gold add a gentle contrast to the space. I love the lines of the Amber Night Table  . The distressed white finish is refined and elegant, while intricate, curved details offer a hint of sophisticated flair.Achieving the magic of Christmas was easy to do by draping beautiful linen curtains and wrapping several string lights around the poles of the canopy. Using Christmas lights not only adds a beautiful glow to your space but also warmth. We have shown you several ways to use Christmas lights in your space.

Even though decorating a space is always fun, the best part of doing this little makeover was the time Bella and I spent together, planning, shopping and creating the space together. It’s those moments that matter most and what makes this holiday season a special time. And one other important factor to consider when you’re doing over your bedroom- is of course- the mattress. We went with a Sealy Echo that is fully supportive and can grow with Bella. It is our hope that as you enter this holiday season, you too are able to find the time to spend some quality time with those you love and enjoy each other’s company.

Wishing you a beautiful holiday season.

Much love,


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