My husband and I bought our first house three months before we got married. We literally had a bed and our clothes to bring into it and my mom got us two plastic adirondack chairs, which we ended up using interchangeably as patio and living room furniture for about the first 6 weeks. Naturally, the first thing we went to look for was a sofa. After looking high and low for something that both looked good and didn’t cost a fortune, we ended up at Leon’s and fell in love with the New York Sofa. If that sofa could talk, it would say so much about our lives as newlyweds, dreaming of our future. It has since been moved into our basement family room where we are sure to make many more happy memories.

This meant we were once again without a place to sit in the living room! Our living room sofa has always been so much more than a place to sit, though. It’s where I told my husband I was pregnant, where we’ve had several home-cooked and take-out meals on nights when we skip sitting at the table and just veg, and it’s where we’ve had endless cuddles with our dog, Luther.As we transitioned from being a couple to a family of four in December when our twin boys were born, we knew that our living room would need to change and needed to be functional for us in three ways: it needs to look good since it’s visible from the front door of our house, it had to be able to store baby gear, and it absolutely needed to be comfortable enough for us to watch TV and entertain in – not that we’re doing much of the latter with twins!The Spencer Sofa was an obvious choice for us. The soft buttery leather is comfortable, the cushions are sturdy but not stiff, and it’s still a great couch to lay down on! The fact that it’s dark leather means cleanup is a breeze for all those times the babies spit up on us and on everything else, and it will withstand many more years of our family’s use. On this sofa we feed babies, we play with babies, we change babies and we fold lots and lots and lots of laundry!Did you notice a theme in that last sentence? Babies! One baby comes with a lot of stuff, so naturally two comes with…you guessed it…twice the amount! I had no idea how I would store diapers, wipes, toys and blankets in this small living room of ours, until I decided to look into dining room furniture for our space. A small server, the Allison Pine Server, specifically, was perfect for our space. I love that we can hide away storage but still have a surface where grown up things can go – again, function and beauty were important here! (You can find out more about how we used the storage space for baby goods in this post!) Lastly, we wanted a side table large enough to house drinks and possibly the occasional magazine for mama to read on her downtime. The Natura End Table is perfection. It has great height and I love the openness underneath, which allows me to toss some floor cushions into since we spend a lot of time both on the couch and the floor these days!Even though I know that once these boys are walking and crawling I’ll have to do some rearranging, it gives me so much peace of mind to know that the big things are here to stay, and that these pieces can be a part of our family for a really long time.

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