My love for interior decorating and design stems from my childhood. My parents immigrated to Canada in their mid- 20’s. They definitely didn’t start off with much but they worked hard and invested in things that made sense for them. I would watch my Mom decorate our home with both new and old pieces of furniture, accessories she would find on our Sunday flea market escapades (hence my business name, Love On Sunday). My Dad was a welder and he would take scrap pieces of wood and metal and bring home art that he created on his lunch break. Little did I know, all of these experiences would shape who I am and what I chose to do for a living.


Both of my parents are now retired and still get involved with helping me source original pieces for my home. Even though I could never repay them for everything they have done for me, I wanted to give them something special for their 40th wedding anniversary this year. My parents love to entertain but their current space needs A LOT of help. It turns out that my Mom’s first dining set was purchased from Leon’s back in the 70’s. How crazy is that? I am so happy to be partnering with Leon’s on this makeover and thrilled to finally share with you part one of this three-post series. The creation of my parents’ dream living room!

Since I’m a full-time interior stylist, I wanted to treat my parents as clients and really hone in on what their style was and how they wanted the finished room to function, look and feel like. So I created a short client profile. This pretty much sums it up:

Retired baby-boomers who love to entertain. They are serial DIYer’s who live for thriftstore finds and repurposing furniture (when they’re not eating something new and delicious). They have a few nice pieces but definitely need some help creating a cohesive space.

So let’s take a look at the BEFORE’s.  The great thing about having my parents as clients is the ability to be brutally honest 🙂 …


Even though most of these pieces were thrifted finds, they weren’t really attached to anything. We decided to only keep a few pieces and start from scratch!

Lucky for us, a new Leon’s opened up in Mississauga by my parents home and we took a peek for some inspiration and to see what pieces were contenders. We immediately noticed they had a lot more accessories than before so let’s say we got a little distracted by the pretty:


My Mom loves anything tufted so the Derbyshire Sofia was definitely a contender. They also had a variety of rugs and beautiful throw pillows that you should definitely see in store.

Stay tuned for part two of three, where I share my concept board for the room!

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